Technical Corrections

BR 1330

Career employee termination of, technical corrections

Credit or debit card crimes, presumptions, evidence

Department of Revenue, technical corrections

Gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, addition of

HB 147

HB 150

HB 265

HB 288

HB 288/GA

HB 340

HB 42

HB 441

House Bill 299

Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods

Multiple offenses, effect of, public intoxication, technical correction

Penal Code, definition of mental states, change "must" to "shall" and gender references

Penal Code, definition of mental states, correct gender references

Penal Code, restrictions on applicability

SB 108

SB 114

SB 119

SB 12

SB 12/HCS 1

SB 143/HCS

SB 36

SB 48

SB 48/SCS 1

SB 6

SB 83

SB 92

Venue, civil action, real property, recovery of fine or forfeiture against public officer

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