Trade Practices and Retailing

Advertisements, full disclosure

Cadmium, products containing, restrictions and penalties

Dextromethorphan, availability, restriction of

Energy drinks, sale to children under 18 years of age, prohibition of

Exemption from federal law, firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky

Exemptions from federal law, firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky

Firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky, exemption from federal law

Fireworks, broaden sales, use, and possession of

Fireworks, sales and storage, expansion of

Food stamp recipients, photo ID requirement at retail establishments

Food stamp recipients, photo on card to be displayed at retail establishments

Insurance loss run statements, provisions to provide to insured or agent

Intrastate produced goods, federal laws, federal jurisdiction, removal from

Kentucky Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolishment of

Labor Cabinet, secretary, election of

Methamphetamine violations, precursor drugs, prohibition of purchase

Motor vehicle dealers, claims against manufacturers or distributors, guidelines for

Pawnbrokers, transactions, registry of

Pre-settlement funding, regulation of

Products containing bisphenol-A, prohibition on sale of

Pseudoephedrine and related drugs, sale and dispensing of

Recycler, smelted or burned metal, purchase of

Stockyards, reporting of livestock received and sold

Victims of accidents and disasters, solicitation of

Waste tire disposal fact sheet, retailers of new tires, requirements for

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