4-H Youth Development, honoring

Agricultrial Development Board, confirmation, Samuel E. Moore

Agricultural cooperatives, limited cooperative associations, authorization for

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Benjamin S. Lawson

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Betty B. Baily

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Jim Sidebottom

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Roy G. Collins

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Thomas W. Mattingly

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Troy D. Rankin

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Wayne Hunt

Agricultural districts, five acre limitation, inclusion of

Agricultural districts, small parcels, inclusion in

Agricultural Finance, board confirmation, remove stipulation

Agricultural Finance Corporation, beginning farmer, description of

Agricultural Finance Corporation board, Senate confirmation of

Agricultural Finance Corporation, outstanding debt, increase of

Agricultural products labeling, inclusion of catfish

Agritourism, definition of

Agritourism, promotion of

Animal care advice, provisions for

Animal health issues, exemptions, provisions for

Bed and breakfast establishment, definition, clarification of

Bovine assessments, administration of

Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for nonissuance

Catfish labeling, circumstances for requirement, clarification of

Catfish, labeling of, requirements for

Clarify definition of agricultural land

Corps of Engineers, urge lake water use for irrigation

Dedden, Matthew, honor as cutting horse champion

Division of Forestry, honoring agency's 100th anniversary

Economy, recognizing vital role played by agriculture in

Fair Labor Standards Act, youth farm labor exemptions

Family farms, program to recognize

Farm registration, incorporate gender-neutral reference

Farms and agritourism establishments, encourage children to engage in outdoor activities at

Farmstays, definition of

Federal child farm labor rule, urge withdrawal of

Finance Corporation, confirmation, remove provision for

Food banks, income tax checkoff for

Food banks, tax refund checkoff for benefit of

Food production, honoring Kentucky farmers

Genetically Engineered Food Act, urge Congressional passage

Genetically Engineered Food Act, urge passage of

H-2A program, urge steps toward efficiency, reliability

Healthy nutrition pilot project, creation of

Horse contracts and agreements, clarify

Industrial Hemp Commission, chair of

Industrial Hemp Commission, Commissioner of Agriculture, chair of

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Limited Cooperative Associations, uniform law, grammatical corrections for

Livestock and poultry ownership and use, affirmation of individual rights

Livestock and poultry ownership, individual rights, confirmation of

Livestock seller's lien

Livestock seller's lien, livestock definition

Motorless vehicles, alternate lighting and marking requirements

Motorless vehicles, alternate reflective marking requirements

Motorless vehicles, alternative lighting and marking requirements

Nutrition, implement program for improvement in needy areas

Nutrition, program for measuring improvement of

Nutrition project, partnering organizations and risk assessment

Nutrition studies, programs, direct review of

Overdimensional farm implements, escort vehicle requirements

Overdimensional farm implements, safety lights and flashers, required use of

Plant-based diet program, urge support

Raw milk, sales of at farm location

Research, agricultural, funding for

Retail, animal products, sale of

Sanitary Food Transportation Act of 2005, enforcement of

School districts, retail food establishment exceptions, addition of term

Scott, Arlie, memorializing, agriculture, university service

Slow-moving vehicles, alternative markings for

Smoking in public places, prohibition, exceptions

State Fair Board members, Senate confirmation of

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, spending flexibility

Stockyards and buying stations, regulation of

Thompson, David, Jaycee Outstanding Young Farmer, honoring

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of

Trans-Pacific trade pact, urge inclusion of tobacco in

Trans-Pacific trade pact, urge tobacco inclusion in

Transporting over dimensional farm equipment, safety signs and equipment, requirement for

Urban agriculture, state agency focus on

Veterinary law, exemptions to

Veterinary practice, pharmacists, exemption from

Wild hog, release of prohibited, penalty

Wild pigs, urge study on growth and impact of

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