Business entities, miscellaneous provisions relating to

Business trusts, formation and governance of

Casino gambling industry, prohibited contributions and gifts to officials, candidate and families of

Casinos and wagering on sporting events, constitutional amendment to permit

Dairy, raw milk, sales of

Defective new motor vehicles, limited extension of time frame to repair vehicle

Firearms and ammunition made and used in Kentucky, exemption from federal law

Genetically Engineered Food Act, urge Congressional passage

Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies

Horse contracts and agreements, clarify

Kentucky Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolishment of

Leases, construction of contract provisions

Local taxation of business, standardized tax return forms

Motor carriers, fuel cost disclosures and fuel cost reimbursements, guidelines for

Private industries, federal contracts, support, urging

Products containing bisphenol-A, prohibition on

Steel haul permits, extension of allowable distances

Trans-Pacific trade pact, urge inclusion of tobacco in

Trans-Pacific trade pact, urge tobacco inclusion in

Uniform commercial code, provisions relating to

Urban agriculture, state agency focus on

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