404 mitigation, for straight pipes and sewer, Energy and Environment Cabinet, study of

Biomass facility, cost recovery for

Coal combustion residuals, disposal, beneficial reuse, variance for

Coal mining, overburden disposal, requirements and prohibitions for

Coal truck drivers, commemoration, designated day for

Definitions, damage, mechanized equipment, revise

Electric rates for smelters

Electric utilities, renewable forms of energy, use required

Energy assistance trust fund, distribution of

Expert witness fees, Attorney General, recovery of

Facilities, underground, protection of

Geothermal boreholes and systems, require EEC secretary to promulgate regulations regarding

Geothermal drilling supplies, sales tax exemption provided for

Green schools authority, established to promote energy efficiency in schools

Incentives, expand for alternative fuels production and storage

Keystone XL pipeline project, urge approval of

Limited cooperative associations, establishment of

Limited Cooperative Associations, uniform law, grammatical corrections for

Natural gas, liquefied or compressed, as vehicle fuel, tax incentives

Net metering, eligibility expansion

Nuclear-based technologies, allow for some processes other than electricity production

Nuclear-based technologies, allowing for some processes other than electricity production

Pipeline safety, civil penalties, change of

Research, energy, funding for

School building efficiency pilot project, Energy Cabinet participation in

State/Executive Branch Budget

Transportation fuels, alternative, addition of LPG made from petroleum

Utility interest rates, annual determination by the Public Service Commission

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