Fish and Wildlife

404 mitigation, straight pipe and sewer projects, use for

Boating safety, electric shock drowning prevention, marina requirements for

Catfish, labeling of, requirements for

Coal combustion residuals, disposal, ground water monitoring, regulation of

Conservation easements, tax credit for

Electrical safety requirements for boat docks and marinas, violations of, penalties for

Elk quota hunt permits, allow applications to be taken where hunting licenses are sold

Elk quota hunt permits, physical randomized drawing for

Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, protection of wildlife and habitat, commemorating

Fish and Wildlife Commission, 100 year anniversary, honoring

Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation, C. F. Williams

Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation, Christopher Godby

Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission, confirmation, Voncel Thacker

Hunter and bow hunter education requirements, Department of Fish and Wildlife to establish

Hunting and fishing license fees, resident rate for veterans

Importation, possession, or transportation of wild or feral pigs, prohibition on, penalties

Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board, membership of

Kentucky Heritage Land Trust Board, private land trust organizations, public grants to

Outdoor sports and recreational activities for children, support of

Personal watercraft, inland navigation rules, citation for

Postseason elk quota hunt, Fish and Wildlife Resources to conduct

Postseason elk quota hunt, permits to be evenly distributed only to counties in elk restoration zone

Postseason elk quota hunt, requirements for

Private landowners who own or operate boat docks or marinas for personal use, exemption for

Release of all members of the family Suidae, prohibition on, penalties

Special permit, Fish and Wildlife Commission, repeal of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Timber Theft and Reduction Task Force, add commissioner of Fish and Wildlife Resources to membership

Wild hog, release of prohibited, penalty

Wild pigs, urge study on growth and impact of

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