Administrative bodies, new, one year prohibition on creation of

Administrative bodies, report on, Office of Governor to provide

Appointment of secretary of Cabinet for Health and Family Services, process

Boards and commissions, gender equity

Budget, limitations, establishment of

Casino gambling industry, prohibited contributions and gifts to officials, candidate and families of

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, authority to review administrative regulations

County consolidation, appointment necessary to

Filing deadlines and primary, change date of

Freedom of choice in health care decisions

Independent Office for Oversight for Child Protective Services, establishment of

Independent Office of Investigation for Child Protective Services, establishment of

Legislative agent, no contribution to campaign

Plant-based diet program, urge support

Prescription Monitoring Program compact, appointments to

Prescription Monitoring Program compact, enactment of

Running mate selection, delay until after primary

Slate of candidates, designation of Lieutenant Governor candidate after primary

State/Executive Branch Budget

Statewide strategic planning committee for children in placement, report for

Student Body Presidents, Board of, appointment to

Transportation Cabinet Budget

University board members, removal of

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