Housing, Building, and Construction

Boiler external piping inspectors, licensing of

Boilers and pressure vessels, inspection of

Commercial buildings, permit application process, requirements for

Continuing education, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC licensees, establish hours

Electrical inspecting and permitting, department to regulate

Electrical inspecting and permitting, installation and surety bond requirements for

Electrical inspection and licensure, creation of task force on

Electrical inspection and licensure, local government participation in and task force on

Electrical inspection and licensure, task force on

Electricians and electrical inspectors, installation and surety bond requirements for

Fire protection sprinkler design and installation

Fire protection sprinkler systems, installation and design of

Home improvement contract, standards, procedures, remedies

Homeowners' association, restriction on prohibiting display of flag, sign, poster, or banner

HVAC professionals, licensing of

Ky. Housing Corporation-funded multifamily housing, notice of

Misclassification of employees, subcontractors

Planning and zoning, airport noise overlay district, building materials and construction techniques

Public benefits, verification of legal presence

Roof repair, contracts for, cancellation of

Security interests, perfection of, manufactured homes

State/Executive Branch Budget

Urge Congress to pass Capital Access for Main Street Act

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