Bills and amendments, five day public access prior to General Assembly action

Commission on redistricting, establishment of standards to use

Committee on Legislative and Congressional Redistricting, establishment of

Committee on Legislative Redistricting

Committee on Legislative Redistricting, establishment of

Congressional districts, statewide plan

Filing deadline for congressional candidates, extension of

Filing deadline of state legislative and appellate judicial candidates, extension of

General Assembly, district numbers, elections following

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment and Redistricting Commission, establishment of

Legislative districts created by redistricting, delay effect date until January 1, of the next year

Refund of filing fee, requirement of

Representative districts, statewide plan

Representative, Senatorial, and Judicial districts, statewide plan

Representative, Senatorial, and Supreme Court districts, statewide plan

Senatorial and Congressional districts, statewide plan

Senatorial districts, statewide plan

Standards for, county division

Standards for, proposed constitutional amendment

Standards for, timing

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