Traffic Safety

Bell County, traffic safety improvements

County attorney-operated traffic safety programs, provide exclusions for

DUI, ignition interlock device, utilization of

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, refusal to sign waiver as refusal to consent to test

Electric personal assistive mobility devices, operating rules

Electric personal assistive mobility devices, reduce speed limit of roads where allowed

Horse-drawn wagons, study of effects

Motor vehicle instruction permit holder, 21 year old passenger requirement, exemption from

Motorcycle instruction permits, eligibility for

Motorless vehicles, alternate lighting and marking requirements

Motorless vehicles, alternate reflective marking requirements

Motorless vehicles, alternative lighting and marking requirements

Overdimensional farm implements, escort vehicle requirements

Overdimensional farm implements, safety lights and flashers, required use of

Pedestrian, inclusion of electric personal assistive mobility device users in definition of

Programs, operation by county attorney

Publicly owned vehicles, mandatory inspections of

Railroad crossings, urge corporate railroad officials to require maintenance of

Railroad crossings, urging of CSX corporate officials to require maintenance of

Seat belt law, correction for gender-neutral references

Seat belt requirements, apply to 15-passenger vans

Slow-moving vehicles, alternative markings for

Speed bumps, local government requirements for

Speed limit, increase on United States Route 68/Kentucky Route 80

Speed limits, Interstate 69, 70 MPH

Tires, rubber on all vehicle wheels, requirement for

Traffic safety programs, additional fee for deputy circuit clerks

Transporting over dimensional farm equipment, safety signs and equipment, requirement for

Uniform traffic citations, forward a copy to the parent or guardian of drivers under the age of 18

Vehicle headlamps, require use during periods of precipitation

Vehicle headlamps, use during periods of precipitation

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