Alcoholic beverage licensing, license types and local fees related to

Alcoholic beverages, local option elections and local government administration of

Antismoking ordinances

Athletics, emergency training for, establishment

Audits, submission form to the Department for Local Government and Legislative Reserach Commission

Burnside, reclassification of, from 5th class to 4th class

Certificates of delinquency, allow purchase of

Cities of the fourth class or greater with track, casino gaming provisions

Classification, Eddyville, city of the fourth class

Classification, Pembroke, city of the fifth class

Collection of debts owed to cities by the Department of Revenue, allow

Constitutional amendment, local sales and use tax, authority to impose

Development, sewer or storm water facilities, corrective action

Electrical inspections, program to be administered by

Fire protection services in annexed or incorporated territory

Local boards of health, limit powers of

local governments, encourage timeliness of inspections

Local governments, power to prohibit primary or election day alcohol sales within

Local option elections, petition requirements, day of election, primary or regular election

Local option sales tax, constitutional amendment to allow

Mass transportation, publicly owned, exclusion from tolls.

Natural gas distribution, extension, aquisition, condemnation

Natural gas systems, allow extension of and sale outside city

Open meetings and records materials, distribution to certain local government members

Ordinances, style

Outdoor warning siren systems, activation during severe weather, guidelines for

Planning and zoning, airport noise overlay district

Precinct vote in favor of prohibition, exempt listed projects or districts from

Procurement, General Services Administration, purchase from

Property tax, amend application of 1979 HB 44 provisions

Property tax bills, threshold amount for preparation of

Property tax rates, remove recall provisions

Public transportation projects, public-private partnership for financing of

Purchasing, project labor agreements in, prohibition against use of

Reclassification, Eddyville

Religious freedom, protection of

Require special purpose governmental entities to report fees and rates to city governing bodies

Ryland Heights, reclassification of, from 6th to 5th class

Service animals, disposition of

Severance funds to local governments, require estimates and limit budgets

Sixth class, police, jurisdiction of to include entire county

Special district fee and tax increases, submission for consideration, requirement of

Surplus property, disposal of, Finance and Administration Cabinet in, assistance from

Taylorsville, reclassification of from 5th class to 4th class

Taylorsville, reclassification of, from 5th class to 4th class

Taylorsville, reclassification of from 5th class to 4th class

United Nations Agenda 21, local government implementation, prohibition of

Utilities, franchise bidder, prohibition on recovering franchise fee through fee or surcharge

Voter instructions, number of candidates to be voted for

Water commission, increase commissioner compensation

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