Civil Procedure

Abortion, prohibition at 20 weeks of fetal development

Abused or neglected child, custody of, notice to schools

Blood tests, motor vehicle accidents, limitations

Child support, guidelines table, update of

Child visitation and parental rights, rapists, denial of

Child visitation decrees, modification due to military deployment

Court proceedings, children, open to public

Domestic violence, care and custody of pets

Domestic violence, coverage of dating couples

Domestic violence proceedings, extension to dating couples

Drone surveillance by law enforcement, prohibitions and requirements for

Eminent domain, valuation of contiguous parcels

Estates, informal settlement

Forcible entry and detainer cases, certification of necessity of trail commissioners for

Foreclosure and deficiency judgments, time for bringing action

Foreign law, application of, protection of rights

Human trafficking, cause of action and statute of limitations for

Interscholastic eligibility, court actions regarding, venue for

Judge to sign orders of predecessor, provision for gender neutrality

Land surveyors, statute of limitations relating to

Legislator as expert witness before a state agency, provision for

Medical review panel, utilization in long-term-care facility litigation

Removal of civil actions, calculation of expenses

Statute of limitations, actions against abortion providers, 20 years

Unified Juvenile Code, review of, task force

Victim in sex offense case bringing suit against defendant, provision for gender neutrality

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