Approval of TransCanada and Alaska oil projects, urge federal support for

Biomass energy facility, recovery of costs

Cellulosic ethanol research, universities, report of

City natural gas distribution, extension, aquisition, condemnation

Coal combustion residuals, disposal, beneficial reuse, variance for

Coal mining, overburden disposal, requirements and prohibitions for

Contractees, new miner training requirements, exemption from

Cooperatives, generation and transmission, consolidation, requirement

Electricity, large industrial consumer of, nonregulated purchases

Electricity, renewable sources required

Energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities, promote the development of

Energy efficiency plan, urge the Energy and Environment Cabinet to develop and implement

Energy Efficiency Program for State Government Buildings, definitions for

Executive branch cabinets, aluminum smelter, negotiations, urging

Fuel adjustment clause, prohibit use by gas-fired baseload generators

Geothermal borehole drilling and geothermal vertical closed loop well installation

Green schools, promoting the benefits of

Inspectors, authorization of, Transportation Cabinet not to perform

ISO, transmission costs, reimbursement for

Kentucky reclamation guaranty fund, coal mine reclamation, performance bond pool for

Keystone pipeline project, support

Louisville Gas and Electric Company, consider alternative coal ash storage, urging

Manufactured housing, energy consumption, creation of task force on

Natural gas as vehicle fuel, tax incentives, safety inspections

Nuclear power facilities, construction moratorium, removal of

Petroleum storage tank program, three year extension of

Proposed greenhouse gas new performance standard, urge EPA to withdraw

Public Service Commission, gender-neutral language

Reclamation Guaranty Fund, requirements for

Reimbursement of utility stranded costs through certain coal severance tax revenues

second generation biofuels, research of

Second generation biofuels, university research efforts for

Special rate tariff program for large industrial consumers of electricity, create

Special rate tariff program for large industrial consumers of electricity, creation of

Stranded costs, electric supplier, large consumer to reimburse

Telecommunications, basic local exchange service, local exchange carriers

TransCanada and Alaska oil projects, approval encouraged

Utility fuel choice, sources with wide standard price deviation prohibited

Vehicles, natural gas, remove tax credits for

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