Alcoholic beverage licensing, license types and local fees related to

Alcoholic beverage sales, licensing fees to conduct

Anesthesiologist assistants and supervising anesthesiologists, application, required fee for

Art therapists, licensing fees for

Attorneys fees, reasonableness in enforcing certificates of delinquency

Barbers, exam and expired license fee, increase in maximum permitted amount for

DNA collection, collection at booking

DNA collection, requirement as part of booking

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

Embalmers and funeral directors continuing education sponsors, review of fee

Federally documented non-commercial vessels, January 1, 2014

Operator's license reinstatement fee, increase in, distribution of

Prepaid wireless service charge, establishment of

Special districts, submission of proposed increases to cities and counties, requirement of

Special purpose governmental entities, fees paid to the Department for Local Government

Transportation of household goods, certificate of compliance

Unclassified acquirer license, tobacco products, increase

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