Technical Corrections

BR 1274

BR 1275

Cabinet for Economic Development, gender neutral language

Compulsory school attendance age, optional raising of

Department of Revenue

Evidence-based programs for pretrial defendants, technical correction in year

Gender-neutral language, technical correction

HB 141

HB 180/HCS 1

HB 182

HB 210/HFA

HB 3

HB 361/SCS 1

HB 411


HB 49

HB 63

HB 87

Insurance provisions

Manslaughter, elimination of gender-specific language and other technical corrections.

Public advocacy, department of

Public Service Commission, gender-neutral language

SB 108/SCS 1

SB 114

SB 176

SB 176/SCS 1

SB 18/HCS 1


SB 50/GA

SB 61/HCS1

SB 83

SB 88


Training, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, gender-neutral language

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