Acupuncture, licensing of

Advance deposit account wagering licensees, taxation of

Advanced practice registered nurses, nonscheduled legend drug prescribing by

Alcohol and drug counseling practitioners, categories of and changing requirements for

Alcohol sales, special temporary license

Alcoholic beverage licensing and regulation, various changes to

Alcoholic beverage sales, limitation on

Alcoholic beverages, state parks licensed to sell by the drink

Anesthesiologist assistants and supervising anesthesiologists, requirements for

Applied behavior analysis board, Behavior Analyst Board, change title

Applied behavior analysis board, title change to Behavior Analyst Licensing Board

Applied Behavior Analysis Licensing Board, change title to Behavior Analyst Licensing Board

Barber school, teacher to student ratio, required minimum

Behavior analysis, registered behavior technician, establish requirements

Behavior analysis, registered behavior technician, requirements of

Behavior analyst board, delete initial and subsequent board requirements

Brandy and fortified wine license, small farm winery may apply for

Brewers and malt beverage distributors, agreements between

Casino gaming, licensing of

Casino suppliers, licensing of

Charitable gaming, license for

Charitable gaming, licensing and regulation of

Charitable gaming organizations, use of automated ticket dispensers

Charitable gaming, statewide license for

Charitable organization, special temporary malt beverage license, make requirement for

Child-care centers, radon inspection for

City Reclassification, cable television license fees, date of eligibility

City Reclassification, motor vehicle licenses, date of eligibility

Cosmetologists, continuing education requirement for

Denturity, board

Electrical inspections, minor repairs by homeowners, clarify parameters of

Electrical inspectors, certification required

Electricians, types of examination required for license application

Elevator mechanics, temporary licensing of

Embalmers and funeral directors, board member compensation

Estheticians, education requirement for

Fee-based pastoral counselors, title, change of

Fee-based pastoral counselors, title designation changed to licensure for

Fish and wildlife license or permit applicants, voter registration, information on procedures

Funeral directors, authorization to deliver cremated remains

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning licensing, service companies exempt from

Home medical equipment, reciprocal license, clarification of requirements for

Home medical equipment, reciprocal license, clarify requirements for

HVAC journeyman, experience in other states

HVAC licensing, recognition of military training toward requirements for

HVAC licensing, recognition of military training towards requirements for

HVAC professionals, new requirements for

Ignition interlock license, provisions for

Landscape architects, licensure and regulation of

Loaded firearms, possession prohibition at certain premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages

Nail technicians, continuing education requirement for

Nonprofit Corporation Act, adoption of

Nonprofit LLC, provide for the creation and administration

Occupational licensing, casino workers

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to

Physician assistant medical notes, supervising physician's duty to review and countersign

Physician assistant records of service, supervising physician's duty to countersign and certify

Private investigator licensing, exemption for consulting experts in legal proceedings

Proprietary education, job placement rate field of study, delete requirement to specify

Realtors, continuing education requirements for

Roofing contractors, licensing of

Sales of alcoholic beverages, regulatory fees on

Small farm wineries, brandy and wine spirits, licensing and regulation of

Small farm wineries, Sunday sales, authorization of

Small farm winery, compatible with small farm winery wholesaler's license

Sprinkler fitters, certification and apprenticeship, requirements

Transportation of household goods, certificate of compliance

Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, adoption of

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