Loans and Credit

Consumer credit insurance, requirements for tangible personal property, establish

Consumer loan, authorize licensee to request and secure credit insurance on the

Consumer loan companies, original principal, maximum charges determined by

Consumer Loan Companies, original principal, maximum charges determined by

Foreclosure, time period for real property redemption, reduction from one year to six months

Foreclosure, redemption by defendant, payment of reasonable costs by defendant

Interest rate reduction, original mortgage to secure payment, authorize

Liens against real property, procedure to enforce lien, clarify

Mortgage loan continuing education, reduce number of hours required per year

Mortgage, loan modification resulting in a lower interest rate, secured

Mortgage, loan modification securing payment, delete

Mortgage loan processors, exempt from registration requirement if supervised by loan originator

Mortgage, renewals and extensions of loan, authorize continuation

Pawnbroker, electronic communication, notice of sale

Pawnbroker, identification requirements, registry

Revolving credit plans, limitation of action, exemptions

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