Actuarial Analysis

Annual supplement increase

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, regional mental health boards, KERS

Judicial Form Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Asset Liability Commission, authorization for funding notes for KTRS

Kentucky Public Charter School Commission trust fund, establish

Kentucky Retirement Systems, actuarial audit of assumptions and funding methods

Kentucky Retirement Systems, authorize payment to spouse upon request of payment due under a QDRO

Kentucky Retirement Systems, certain KERS and CERS employers allowed to cease participation

Kentucky Retirement Systems, exemptions for volunteer service on retired reemployed requirements

Kentucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Retirement Systems, "pension spiking" costs less than $2,500 not billed to employers

Kentucky Retirement Systems, prearranged agreements for elected officials returning to same position

Kentucky Retirement Systems, retiree health payments by school districts for reemployed retirees

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Nonhazardous employee unfunded liability trust fund, create

Public Pension Oversight Board, restriction on appointments to

Require all retirement systems except, state police, to disclose retirement account information

Retirement, certain KERS & CERS agencies allowed to cease participation

Retirement, election to discontinue or not participate in LRP or KERS for service to Gen. Assembly

Retirement, forfeiture of pension benefits

Retirement, limitation on creditable compensation growth

Retirement, require state retirement systems to disclose retirement account information

Retirement, restrict account consolidation

Retirement, restrict consolidation of retirement accounts

Retirement Systems, limitation on creditable compensation growth

State Adm. Retirement Systems, require disclosure of legislators' retirement account information

State troopers, reemployment of by sheriff's offices

State-administered retirement systems, actuarial reporting requirements

State-administered retirement systems, ban placement agents, require adherence to state contract law

State-administered retirement systems, disclosure of placement agents

Last updated: 1/16/2019 3:10 PM (EST)