Accident, charges void if solicited by provider or intermediary

Basic reparation benefits, authorize local boards of education to set aside funds

Business and Nonprofit entities, regulation of

Clothes dryer work by a journeyman plumber or HVAC mechanic, liability insurance required for

Commissioner, ability to fine insurers

Commissioner, provide average cost of air ambulance service to health benefit plans

Commissioner, require oversight of policies for discretionary clauses

Commissioner, require review of health benefit plans for compliance with notice requirements

Confidentiality of records, exclusions

Health benefit plan coverage, opioid and abuse-deterrent analgesic drug products, requirements

Health, group pools, formation of

Health insurance, prescription drug costs, establish maximum out-of-pocket expenditure

Health insurers, requirement for

Health, optometrist's services, equal reimbursement for

Health, out-of-state health benefit plans, purchase of

Health, require notice of air ambulance coverage and cost of coverage if provided

Healthcare provider, requirement to report suspected violation, deletion of

Insurance surcharge used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restrict adjustment of

Liability insurance, requirement for roofing contractors to carry

Life, appointed actuary requirements, establish

Life, confidential information shared with commissioner of insurance

Life, exempt domestic insurers from some reserve requirements

Life, revise reserve requirements

Life, valuation manual adoption

Motor vehicle accident, charges to be returned to payor

Motor vehicle accident, contact by an intermediary prohibited

Motor vehicle accident, prohibit solicitation of person by healthcare provider or intermediary

Motor vehicle, prohibit use of credit information for insureds age 65 and older

Motor vehicle, regulatory sanctions against healthcare provider for

Motor vehicles, service contract is not insurance

Policy discretionary clauses, declare null and void

Provider, pursuit of collection for solicited services, prohibition of

Records of Department of Insurance, confidentiality

Unemployment benefits, disqualification for military spouses, deletion

Uninsured motor vehicle, named insured coverage request after rejection

Uninsured vehicle coverage, only first named insured may reject.

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission board of directors

Workers' compensation, attorneys' fees, disability awards

Workers' compensation, expiration of special fund assessment

Workers' compensation, expiration of the special fund assessment

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission

Workers' compensation, rate for special fund assessment

Workers' Compensation, rate for special fund assessment

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