Public Utilities

10 coal plants in 10 years, carbon capture and storage technology, Department of Energy

Assault in the third degree, inclusion of assaults against public utility workers

Boards and commissions of municipal utilities, members to be customers

Carbon control and sequestration technologies, federal coal lease royalties, use for

Electricity, renewable sources required

Eminent domain, statutory requirements for

Landline facilities, ability to obtain basic local exchange service

Landline service, require utility to continue

Local government and municipal utilities, exemptions from all requirements

Local government provision of commercial products and services

Municipal electric authority, creation of

Municipal utility, qualifications to serve on board

Net metering, rental is non-regulated, generation is not retail electric service

Net metering, supplier may recover certain costs, offsets available to user limited by time of use

Oil and gas pipelines, eminent domain relating to, public use

Open records, definition of public agency, contracts with public utilities included in

Pipeline safety assessment, exemption from

Power facility, nuclear, certification of

Public Service Commission, confirmation, Daniel E. Logsdon, Jr.

Rare plant registry, local government and utilities, Transportation cabinet, exemptions from

Rare plant registry, local government and utilities, Transportation Cabinet, exemptions from

Telecommunications, deregulation

Telecommunications, deregulation, customer notification

Telecommunications, deregulation, maintain employees of

Telecommunications, deregulation of

Underground Facility Prevention Act of 1994, Kentucky Contact Center

Utility franchise fees, cities may refuse utilities the ability to recover from customers

Utility shut-off protection, Public Service Commission, administrative regulations

Utility shut-off protection, qualifications, requirements

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