Academic content standards, local supplementation of

Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing

Charter schools, employees of

Charter schools, qualifications of

Child abuse and neglect training, require school personnel be provided list of

Civic education, study of

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, prohibit use of

Compensation increase, consideration of

Completion of required instructional hours, plan required for

Computer programming language, qualification for foreign language requirement

Computer science programming, enhancement and support of

CPR training in high school, requirement for

Early child care and education program providers rating system, implementation of

Early child care and education providers rating system, implementation of

Financial literacy and economic education, teacher institute for

Financial literacy course, provide instruction in

Financial literacy, provide instruction in

Gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, insert

Home and hospital instruction visits, increase minimum requirement for

Initial Intervention School, allow superintendent to select principal for

Initial Intervention School, create definition for

Instructional days missed, approval to waive

Instructional hours after June 5, 2015, waiver provided for

Internal innovation option implementation required, when

Interscholastic extracurricular activities, participation in

Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education, recognition of

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System Task Force, establishment of

Leaves of absence, compliance with

Maximum class size, prohibit exceeding

National Board Certified Teachers of Kentucky, honoring

Nonteaching time, required

Primary election day, allowance for schools to be open on

Privacy of students, ensuring

Religious and political viewpoints, student expression of

Religious viewpoints, expression of by students

Retirement, forfeiture of pension benefits

School emergency response plan, requirement to include violent intruder threats

School intervention options, allow superintendent to select

School principal and council members, consultation with superintendent

School principal and council members, consultation with superintendent or designee

School start date, requirements for

Special education, eligibility through end of school year in which student has 22nd birthday

Student assessments, school councils to determine

Student privacy, ensuring

Student representation in school governance, encouragement of

Targeted focus schools, create intervention process for

Targeted focus schools, require audit of

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