Technical Corrections

BR 1252

BR 1254

BR 1533


Finance and administration secretary, correct male only reference.

Fuel tax revenue sharing

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Gender-neutral language, insert

HB 1

HB 165/HCS 1

HB 165/HCS1

HB 207

HB 243

HB 247

HB 333

HB 359/HCS 1

HB 386/HCS 1

HB 443

HB 510/SCS 2

HB 512/SCS 2

HB 62

HB 76

HB 8

HJR 100

HJR 63

Insurers duty to report, gender-neutral language, addition of

Make a technical correction

Make technical corrections

Minors, may include a male or female who deposits or is paid by a bank from the amount deposited

Personnel, corrections to

SB 117

SB 124

SB 133/SCS 1

SB 28/SCS 1

SB 6

SB 68, SCS 1

Seat belt law, correction for gender-neutral references

SR 156

SR 171

SR 172

SR 174

Supplemental fuel tax

Taxation, Department of Revenue, technical corrections

Technical correction

Training, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, technical corrections

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