Abandoned cemeteries, process for public use of

Abortion services, payments from government to entity providing, prohibition of

Agreements for waste hauling, nondesignated cities, requirement for

Alcoholic beverage sales, local option elections and ordinances relating to

Annexation, grant of standing regarding lawsuits over

Annexation, standing, granting of to certain persons for litigation

Annexation, territory contiguous to corporate boundaries within another county, process for

Asset forfeiture under controlled substances law, reporting requirements for

Blighted and deteriorated property, eminent domain proceedings

Blighted property, delete condemnation provisions included in original bill

Boards, war memorial commissions, alternative

Burial grounds, proper care of, requirements for

CERS, reemployment of retired police officers

Closed city pension plans, actuarial reporting and board membership

Closed city pension plans, residual assets returned to city upon payment of all benefits

Coal severance tax revenues, distribution of all revenues to counties

Code enforcement, administrative procedures

Commercial activities, constitutional amendment

Constitutional rights, protection of

Emergency medical services providers, death benefits

Emergency services personnel, health incentive program for

Federal low income housing tax credit, application process

Federal low-income housing tax credit, application process

Fire protection, service areas

Firefighters, Firefighters Foundation Program, hours of training, setting of by Fire Commission

Governance, wards, hybrid system

Indoor smoking, prohibition in enclosed public places and places of employment

Interlocal agreements, amendment process to modify membership

Interlocal agreements, documentation, when required

Knives, preemption of local regulation

Local government economic assistance fund, distribution adjustments

Local government economic assistance fund, distribution adjustments and minimum payment amounts

Local government health and fitness incentive program, participation in

Local governments, expansion of permitted investments, limitations

Local option election, city adjacent to a waterway may conduct

Local option elections, requirements, allowances for

Local option sales and use tax, amendment of method for imposition for cities and counties

Local option sales and use tax, constitutional amendment to allow

Local option sales and use tax, enabling

Local sales and use tax, establish additional requirements for levy

Maintenance of burial grounds

Matrimonial nepotism, prohibition of

Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions

Municipal electric authority, creation of

Office of Inspector General in Department for Local Government, relationship to local governments

Open Records Act, definition of public agency, exemption

Personnel, firearms controls in course of official duties

Planning & zoning requirements for certain cities within a consolidated local government

Planning and zoning, appeals, requirement of supersedeas bond

Police, oaths

Police officer supplement, increase

Police, peace officer professional standards training, hours of training, setting of by KLEC

Prescribed fire, city burn ban ordinances, exemption from

Prevailing wage requirement, opting out of

Professional firefighters supplement, increase

Prohibition of breed specific ordinances, policies, regulations on dogs

Property, disposition of

Property tax, exemptions for certain data centers

Property taxes, publication, due date, satisfaction of by inclusion in tax ordinance

Public-private partnerships, framework for use thereof by local government

Public-private partnerships, prevailing wage requirements

Public-private partnerships, prevailing wages, exclusions from

Public-private partnerships, public notice of unsolicited proposals

Purchasing, transfers between governmental agencies, newspaper bids, exemptions

Qualified volunteer fire department allotment, increase

Reemployment after retirement, restrictions on city elected officials

Regulatory license fee on sale of alcoholic beverages, expansion of

Reimbursements, annual supplement police and firefighter increase

Restaurant tax, levy, purposes, calculation, and distribution

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products

Retail or wholesale sale of commercial products, public notice required

Sex offenders, presence on publically owned playground, prohibition of

Solid waste management facilities, use of in counties containing a consolidated local government

Special audit or examination, billed at actual expense

Special purpose governmental entities, review of fee and tax increases required

Taxes and fees of special purpose governmental entities; appropriate city or county to review

Transient room tax, application to stays of 30 days or less

Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, statewide applicability of

Utility franchise fees, cities may refuse utilities the ability to recover from customers

Waste management, displacement, definition of

Waste management, displacement, process

Waste management district, cities' waste stream composition, when fee prohibited

Waste management, fees and access to facilities by

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