Economic Development

Automotive caucus, creation of

Cabinet, genomic science program created

Career and technical education, urge continue collaboration to promote

Cities, property tax exemption, authorization for, constitutional amendment proposing

Coal exports, Cabinet for Economic Development promotion of

Coal incentive tax credit to promote increased use of Kentucky coal, reestablishment

Coal mining or processing companies, tax incentives for

Coal severance tax, increased distributions to coal counties

Coalition to foster economic opportunities in Northeast Kentucky

Computer science programming, inclusuion in knowledge-based economy

Data centers, exemption from local property tax

Enhanced incentive counties, new tax incentive for economic development projects

Film industry incentives, enhanced incentives counties

Hal Rogers Parkway, study of widening

Hal Rogers Parkway, urge study of widening

Kentucky Business Investment Act, incentives for coal mining or processing

Kentucky Economic Development Partnership, additional members

Kentucky Economic Development Partnership, nomination of private sector members

Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act, incentives for coal mining or processing

Kentucky Industrial Revitalization Act, incentives for supplemental projects

Kentucky workforce development, study of

Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force, membership of

Kentucky workforce investment initiative, establishment of

Kentucky workforce investment, study of

Local restaurant tax, levy, purposes, calculation, and distribution

New markets tax credit, terms for qualification and reporting requirements

Nuclear power facilities, certification of, and removal of construction moratorium

Nuclear power facilities, construction moratorium, previous manufacture site or within 50 miles

Off-road recreational all-terrain vehicle usage as a catalyst for economic development, study of

Research and development, tax credit to promote

Rural growth fund tax credit to promote investments in businesses in rural areas, creation of

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, economic development

Tax credits, provide for sunset of

Tax increment financing, definition of qualifying mixed use development, expansions of

Tax increment financing, mixed use development, upper limit on investment, removal of

Transient room tax for urban-county government

Transportation of steel products, overdimensional permit process

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Workforce Innovation Board, creation in statute

Workforce Oversight Task Force, addition of additional duties

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