Education, Elementary and Secondary

Abused or neglected child, custody of, notice to schools

Academic content standards, local supplementation of

Academic standards and assessments, implement new review process for

Academic standards assurance, inquiry and review process for, implementation of

Academic standards review committee, addition of commissioner of education to

Accelerated courses, delete emphasis on Advanced Placement courses

ACT examination, change references to

Advanced Placement courses, delete emphasis on

Alternate principal selection process, allow councils to interview recommended candidate

Alternative education programs, school accountability for students participating in, limit

Alternative high school diploma program, lower minimum age to 18 for participation in

Arts and humanities, revise high school graduation requirements for

Assessment reports, requirement of operational subset of test items

Bargained contract, school council shall not violate

Bible literacy courses, creation of

Bullying, definition

Bullying of students, definition of, prohibition on

Bullying of students, prohibition

Bus safety, designated escort provided for students

Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing

Career and technical education, urge continue collaboration to promote

Career-ready, identification of Junior ROTC student as

Career-ready, identification of student as

Center on School Safety, drug abuse prevention programming support from

ChalleNGe Academies, at-risk students, programs for

Charter school authorizer, legal obligations, waiver of

Charter school, requirements for, authorizers of

Charter schools, authorizers of

Charter schools, define authorizers of

Child abuse hotline number, school posting of, requirement

Commissioner, nonpartisan election of

Commissioner of education, Senate confirmation of

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, prohibit use of

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, prohibited use of

Common Core mathematics standards, prohibit local board from adopting

Compulsory attendance, military service considered present for

Computer science programming, enhancement and support of

Construction of educational buildings, prevailing wage, elimination of

Continuing service contract, termination or suspension of

Continuing service status, recognition of previous service credit towards

CPR training, physical education graduation requirement to include

Criminal background check, request for

Data vendor transparency and privacy standards, contract requirements for

Disproportionate minority contact with juvenile justice system, statistical reporting of

District of innovation, student assessments, use of

District of innovation, student assessments, waive or modify

District of innovation, terminology change for

Drug abuse prevention program, schools to establish

Dual credit scholarship program, establishment of

Due process appeal procedures, hearing officer appeal

Education Professional Standards Board, Donna Rice Hedgepath, confirmation

Educational progress and Dr. Stephen Pruitt, recognition and welcome

Election day, districts to close if any school is used as a polling place

Election of school board members, number of petitioners requirements

Electricity rates, Public Service Commission directed to modify

Employment, background checks of child abuse and neglect records

Exceptional children, authorization to remain in school until year in which they reach age 22

Financial literacy course, requirement for high school graduation in existing curriculum

Foster children, tuition waiver

Gatton and Craft Academies, student textbooks, purchases by local districts

Gender-neutral language, insert

Governor's School for Entrepreneurs, establishment of

High School Equivalency Diploma, replace GED with

High school students, civics test, graduation requirement

Income tax deduction, additional expenses as, allowance of

Individualized Education Accounts Program, establishment of

Inspirational messages, allow at school functions

Instructional hours after June 5, 2016, waiver provided for

Instructional time, 30-minute lunch period for grades K-5, inclusion

Internet-based homework, alternatives to

Interscholastic extracurricular activities, participation in

KEES, allow students attending out-of-state high schools to earn

KEES, dual credit courses eligible for

Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education, recognition of

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Sarah Murphy Ford

Kentucky Educational Television programming, cable and satellite providers, encouraging offering of

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force, establishment of

Kentucky Workforce Development Task Force, membership of

Kentucky Workforce Oversight Task force, establishment of

Law enforcement, graduation requirement, nonaccredited high schools

Local board of education, requirements of

Local boards of education, duty to post preambles to Constitutions

Lunch period, 30-minute for grades K-5, requirement

Maximum class size, prohibit exceeding

Mercy Academy, first all-girls school with nationally certified STEM program, recognition of

Military-connected student, identifier in student information system

Preambles to United States and Kentucky Constitutions, postings in classrooms

Preambles to United States and Kentucky Constitutions, postings in classrooms of

Preambles to US and Kentucky Constitutions, required postings of

Principals, alternative selection process of

Priority schools, add local team and Department of Education as turnaround options

Priority schools, revise intervention and assistance process for

Professional growth and effectiveness system, make revisions to

Program reviews and audits, delete requirements for

Religious and political expression and assembly in schools

Religious artistic expression in public schools

School and district intervention and assistance, make revisions to

School bus drivers, recognition of service to school children

School bus, drivers under effects of medication, notification, prohibition

School bus, encouraging safe use of

School construction funding program, Kentucky School for the Blind, added

School construction funding program, Kentucky School for the Deaf, added

School council members, penalize breach of confidentiality by

School district calendar committee, establish

School employees, recognizing rights of

School Facilities Construction Commission, attach to Department of Education

School Facilities Construction Commission, membership of

School marshal, appointment of, requirements relating to

School of innovation, terminology change for

School official, liability, civil actions

School principal, wellness policy developed by

School property, concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, lift prohibitions on

School resource officers, required training of

School safety and discipline, gender-neutral language

School start date, requirements for

School superintendent, hiring of school personnel by

School superintendent, school policies established by

Secondary vocational centers, local school district, transfer of state-allocation to

SEEK calculation, exempt local effort amount in certain districts

Sexual abuse awareness and protection

Shopville Elementary Archery Team, Pulaski County, signs in honor of

Sick leave, interdistrict donation of

Sick leave, transfer to Education Professional Standards Board

Smoking in school buildings, statewide prohibition

Social studies, require statewide assessment of

Speech-language pathologists for children, caseloads, study of

Standards and assessments, creation of task force to study

Standards assurance form, requirement of school principals to complete

Standards review committee, make commissioner voting member of

Standards review process, implementation for arts, humanities, practical living, and career studies

State accountability system, make changes to

State accountability system, make revisions to

State assessment system, make revisions to

State assessments, require operational subset of test items from

State/Executive Branch Budget, Department of Education

State/Executive Branch Budget, education

State/Executive Branch Budget, Kentucky Department of Education

Statewide assessment program, make changes to

Student athlete, limit contest official's liability for removal or nonremoval of

Student athletes, concussion protocol, clarification of return to play options

Student athletes, concussion protocol for

Student privacy, ensuring

Student representation in school governance, encouragement of

Summer and after-school tutoring, 7% of maximum tax, first class cities

Superintendent, employment of spouse

Superintendent, leave of absence, compliance with medical privacy laws

Superintendent screening committee, addition of equity council member to

Superintendent screening committee, authorization to add student representative

Superintendent screening committee, inclusion of equity council member

Superintendent screening committee, nonvoting student member

Superintendent screening council, add equity council member to

Superintendent screening council, addition of equity council member

Teacher investigations, no action by Education Professional Standards Board if no district findings

Teachers, leaves of absence, compliance with medical privacy laws

Teachers, new continuing contract status process, establishment of

Teachers, required nonteaching time

Testing, time spent on, limitation

Transportation of students, use of privately owned passenger vehicles for

Tribunal appeal procedures, hearing officer role in

United States and Kentucky Constitutions and preambles, posting in public schools

United States Bill of Rights, posting in classrooms

United States Bill of Rights, posting in classrooms of

United States Pledge of Allegiance, daily recitation of, procedures for

Variable student instructional year, establish and set conditions for using

Veteran, certification as teacher

Veteran, certification as teacher, academic content required for

Veteran, certification as teacher, discharge requirements for

Workforce Oversight Task Force, addition of additional duties

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