Highways, Streets, and Bridges

Accident reports, provisions for incidents involving autocycles

American Pharoah Way, designation of

Autocycles, provisions for use on highways

Bicycles overtaken on roadway, distance to maintain

Bicycles overtaken on roadway vehicles to maintain distance of at least three feet

Bicycles traveling on highway, keep to the right, not required to ride on shoulder

Bicycles, use of helmets required for children under the age of 12

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2016-2018

Brian Kilgore Original Bad Boy MMA 2011 Hall of Fame, designation in Knox County

Callahan, Ronnie, memorial highway designation

Charles Rates Lewis Jr., designate highway in Daviess County in memory of

C.L. Glasscock Memorial Bridge, designation of

Commercial motor vehicles, weight tolerance, transportation of agricultural products

Commercial truck parking, urge aid in reducing shortage of

Contracts, Kentucky Buy American Act, compliance with

Corbin High School Cheerleading Team, 2016 UCA National Champions, erect signage denoting

Disabled parking plates, parent or guardian application for

Doss, Raymond, memorial bridge designation

Driver's license reciprocity, contract with another country for

Embry, Jewell Creston, designate Ohio County highway in honor of

Engineer's estimates on highway projects, time when revealed

Everett, Edgar, memorial highway designation

Farris, Hannah and Reese, Knox County, 2015 National Junior Olympic Gold Medalists, signs in honor

Ferrell, Deputy Jessie, designate Kentucky Route 2059 in Pike County in honor of

Firefighter Jonathan French Memorial Highway, Hardin County, designation of

First Responders, Buffalo Trace Region, highway designation

Graydon and Nell Hoskins Memorial Bridge, Leslie County, designation of

Hal Rogers Parkway, study of widening

Hal Rogers Parkway, urge study of widening

Hamilton, Homer, designation of Floyd County roadway in honor of

Highway designation, Floyd County

Honorary road naming, omnibus resolution

Horse-drawn wagons, effect on, study

Horse-drawn wagons, study effect on

Houseboat Capital of the World, bridge designation, KY 90 in Pulaski County

Jessamine County Fallen Heroes, memorial highway designation, urge thereof

Jimmy Doran Memorial Bridge, designate in Greenup County

Johnson, Ron, honorary bridge designation

Kentucky Route 1642 Pulaski County, Bruce Weddle Memorial Highway, designation

Kentucky Route 3419, Deputy Earl Smith Memorial Highway

KY 122, Bates, Lula, memorial highway designation

Ky 1247, Cliff Childers, memorial highway designation

Lane use, Transportation Cabinet to conduct educational campaign

Lawson, Gayle, designate Letcher County bridge in honor of

Lewis, Omer, memorial highway designation

Lieutenant Firefighter David Wayne Conley Memorial Highway, designation of

Logann Driskell Memorial Highway, Anderson County, designation of

Melczek, LCpl Joe Roger, designation of portion of KY 191 in Morgan County in honor of

Memorial bridge, Boone County, designation of

Memorial bridge designation, Floyd County

Memorial highway designation, fallen heroes

Memorial highway designation, KY 161, Mason County

Memorial highway designation, KY 2118, Daviess County

Memorial highway designation, Officer Daniel Ellis

Miniard, Denver and Irene, designate Perry County bridge in honor of

Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions

National Human Trafficking Resource Center telephone hotline number, display of

Nondivisible load, definition

Nondivisible load, definition for non-national truck network highways, clarification of

Operation under the influence, right of Commonwealth to trial by jury

Overdimensional steel products, permit process

Overweight haul permits for motor carriers, aluminum

Patrick Lane, designation of

Pauline Burton Davis Hale, memorial bridge designation

Public-private partnerships, framework for use thereof for certain transportation projects

Queen, Greg, Laurel County, 2005-2015 Bluegrass 10,000 Crank Wheelchair Champion, signs in honor of

Roberts, Henry, memorial highway designation

Roy Angel Memorial Bridge, Lee County

Sandlin, Sergeant Willie, memorial bridge designation

Sgt. Dennie Neace Memorial Highway in Perry County, designation of

Shopville Elementary Archery Team, Pulaski County, signs in honor of

Six year road plan, last four years of

Smith, George Frank, memorial highway designation

Sowards, PFC David Michael Memorial Highway, Morgan County, designation

Speed bumps, local government requirements for

Stapleton, Chris, Country Music Highway, include and erect signs

State highways, waiting period for naming for state official

Stopped vehicle prohibition, exemption for solid waste vehicles

Sturgeon/Rice/Hayes Vietnam Memorial Highway, Pike County, designation

Terry, PFC Ralph Paul, designate Morgan County highway in honor of

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Trigg County Veterans Memorial Highway, designation

Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder Memorial Highway, Hardin County, designation of

Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder Memorial Highway, Lyon County, designation of

US 31W bridge, Hart County, Camp Jefferson Memorial Bridge

U.S. 60, Daviess County, Navy Airman James Van Bussum Memorial Highway

US 60 in Breckinridge County, "Breckinridge Co. Veterans Memorial Highway"

Visually impaired and blind pedestrians, add information to Kentucky Driver Manual pertaining to

Women's Army Corps, memorial bridge designation

Young, Col. Charles, Mason County highway, designation in honor of

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