Taxation, Property

Agricultural property, clarification of standards for qualification

Cities, property taxes, due date, satisfaction of publication of by inclusion in ordinance

Coal incentive tax credit, reestablishment

Data centers, exemption from local property tax

Exemption, cities to provide for, authorization for, constitutional amendment proposing

Exemptions from local property tax for certain data centers

Federal low income housing tax credit, application process

Fire protection and volunteer fire department districts in consolidated local government, tax rates

Homestead exemption, disabled veteran

Homestead exemption, disabled veterans and law enforcement officers, constitutional amendment

Homestead exemption, disabled veterans, constitutional amendment

Interest rate on overpayments and underpayments, modified

Land bank authorities, expansion and modification of powers and duties

Municipal solid waste disposal facilities, modification of taxation

Property tax recovery fees, industrial equipment rentals

Real property, establish fixed tax rate

Real property tax rate, remove recall provision

Regional public records and licensing administrators and deputies to be Commonwealth employees

Tax delinquency diversion program, allow in consolidated local governments

Tax delinquency diversion program, establish

Taxpayer bill of rights, technical correction

Technical correction

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Unmined coal, oil, gas, and other energy reserves, amendment of tax valuation procedures

Unmined coal property tax, standard value of zero established for certain reserves

Unmined coal reserves, exempt certain reserves from state and local tax

Used motor vehicle, valuation standards clarification

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