Firearms and Weapons

Body-worn cameras, funds to be used to purchase, allowance of

chemical weapons, treatment and disposal of

Chemical weapons, treatment and disposal of

Concealed carry license, denial or suspension

Concealed carry license, instructor qualifications

Concealed carry, off-duty and retired peace officers

Concealed carry, off-duty peace officers

Concealed carry on vocational school property, teachers and administrators

Concealed carry training, applicant course fees

Concealed carry training, firearms safety courses

Concealed carry training, handgun cleaning

Concealed carry training, instructor trainer course fees

Concealed carry without license

Concealed deadly weapon, allow current or former to carry anywhere in the Commonwealth

Concealed deadly weapons carried by state employee in state vehicles

Concealed deadly weapons, permit holders, expanded locations

Confiscated weapons, funds from sale of, change requirements for distribution of for body cameras

Deadly weapon, removal knives from definition of

Drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

Federal laws and rules, invalidate

Federal laws and rules, invalidation of

Federal laws passed after effective date of this act, invalidation of

Federal laws, passed after the effective date of this act, invalidation of

Felon possession restrictions, exclusion of expunged offenses

Firearm, safety of juveniles, from accidental discharge of

Gun safety and violence prevention, study of

NRA special license plate, establishment of

Reciprocal concealed carry licenses, Virginia, Governor and Attorney General to restore

School marshals, firearms carried by, requirements relating to

Second amendment and firearms, protection of

Unlawful possession of, illegal aliens

Unmanned aerial vehicles, weaponized, prohibition of

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