Abuse-deterrent opioid analgesic drug product, substitution

Biological products, prescribing

Drug conviction data, inclusion in to KASPER electronic monitoring system

Durable medical equipment providers, jurisdiction of board of pharmacy, removal from

Emergency contraceptive pill, dispensing, authorize refusal of

Emergency response medications, child-care

Epinephrine auto-injectors, storage and use in child-care centers

Epinephrine auto-injectors, storrage and use in child-care centers

Erectile dysfunction, prescription drugs

Health benefit plans, required use of mail-order pharmacies, prohibition of

Home medical equipment service providers, transfer of authority to CHFS

Hydrocodone, classification as a Schedule II controlled substance

Investigational drugs, biological products, or devices, use by terminal patients

Medical malpractice actions, inadmissibility of statements of compassion

Medical malpractice mediator, utilization prior to health care provider litigation

Medical marijuana, study of by FDA

Medical review panel, utilization in health care provider litigation

Medical sharps collection, establish guidelines

Medical sharps collection, guidelines, establishment of

Pharmacist, authority to dispense and sell certain drugs, criteria

Pharmacy benefits managers, licensure

Pharmacy board advisory council, membership of

Pharmacy outsourcing facility, licensure of

Pharmacy technician, criminal background check

Pharmacy techs, background check results sent to board by KSP, mandate

Pharmacy third-party logistics provider, licensure of

Presumption of notice to prescribing practitioner

Provide presumption of notice to prescribing practitioner

Reciprocity of licenses for home medical equipment and providers, repeal

Recognize Self-care Month, February 2016

Restricted distribution pharmacies, administrative activities, expansion of

Specialty drug coverage, specialty drug network, discrimination prohibited

Specialty drug coverage, specialty drug network, requirement of

Tobacco cessation, health benefit coverage

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