Reproductive Issues

Aborted fetus, coverage under uniform anatomical gift act

Abortion, informed consent requirement

Abortion, method, timing, and disposition of remains

Abortion, method, timing, disposition of remains

Abortion, regulation of

Abortion services, establishment of payment restrictions and priorities

Abortion services, payments from government to entity providing, prohibition of

Abortion, ultrasound requirements

Adoptive parents, certified homes, listing of

Erectile dysfunction, prescription drugs

Matrimony and marriage, benefits, rights, and responsibilities pertaining to

Midwifery, licensed practice, establishment of

Midwifery, licensed practice of, establish

Paid maternity leave for employees, employers with fifty or more employees

Pregnancy discrimination, delete mandate for Kentucky Commission on Human rights

Pregnancy discrimination, delete requirement for Kentucky Commission on Human Rights

Statute of limitations, certain actions against abortion providers, 20 years

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