House Bill 88

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Title AN ACT relating to the appropriate care and disposition of human remains.
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Impact Statements Fiscal Note
Bill Request Number 196
Sponsors L. Clark, J. Donohue, D. Horlander
Summary of Original Version State the purpose of the Act; amend KRS 213.076 to require the place of final disposition to be recorded on the death certificate; amend KRS 367.934 to require that any grave space, underground crypt, or mausoleum crypt must match the place of final disposition before a final payment shall be made; amend KRS 367.946 to require registrants to identify the location of each grave space, underground crypt, mausoleum and niche sold annually, and to require each registrant to submit a report listing the specific location of each grave space within the cemetery, and to require the Office of the Attorney General to establish and maintain a database; amend KRS 367.948 to require a cross-reference between grave spaces, underground crypts, and mausoleum crypts to any contract entered into for the sale of the space; create a new section of KRS 367.934 to 367.974 to require a space of at least six inches between grave spaces.
Index Headings of Original Version Fiscal Note - Recording of grave space inventories, $25 fee for
Deaths - Death certificate, include grave space location
Embalmers and Funeral Directors - Grave space location, recording of
Fees - Recording of grave space inventories, $25 fee for
Occupations and Professions - Cemetery registrants, identification and recording of grave spaces
Attorney General - Grave space location, recording of
Cemeteries and Burials - Grave space location, reporting of


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  • to Health & Welfare (H)
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