Occupations and Professions

Athletic trainers, services rendered by, reimbursement for

Bank directors, conduct, standards of

Bank directors, oath of

Bank directors, standards of conduct, subject to KRS 286.3-065

Bank officers, conduct, standards of

Board of HVAC Contractors, requirements and definitions, clarification of

Board of Medical Licensure, licensure of genetic counselors, requirements for

Cannabis, regulation of

Career and technical education, urge continue collaboration to promote

Cemetery registrants, identification and recording of grave spaces

Confidentiality, staff privilege information

Construction industry, misclassification of employees

Cosmetologists, licensing of natural hair braiding, make requirement for

CVE officers, salary schedule

Denturity, board

Denturity, board of

Detection of deception examiners, licensure requirements for

Dietitians, licensure requirements for

Durable medical equipment providers, board of, creation

Education workers, recognizing rights of

Electricians, licensure requirements for

Employers, choice of increasing wages or putting into an employee benefit plan

Funeral directors and crematory authorities, funeral planning declarations

Healing arts, advanced practice registered nursing, added to

Healing arts, advanced practice registered nursing, addition to

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, credit toward licensing fees

High School Equivalency Diploma, replace GED minimum employment requirements with

Home medical equipment service providers, Board of Pharmacy to CHFS, transfer of authority

Jockeys, minimum fees for Thoroughbred racing

Kentucky workforce investment initiative, establishment of

Kentucky workforce investment, study of

Low-voltage electrical installers, certification of and exemptions for

Medical authorizations, physician assistants may issue

Medical review panel, utilization in health care provider litigation

Midwifery, licensed practice, establishment of

Midwifery, licensed practice of, establish

Military service members and veterans, licensing and certification of

Mortage loan processors, registration requirement, removal of

Mortgage Loan Processor, continuing education, requirement for

Mortgage Loan Processor, registration required

Natural hair braiders, exemption from cosmetology licensing

Nurse aide training requirements, accepting military medical training and experience

Officers, standards of conduct, subject to KRS 286.3-065

Pawnbrokers, transaction information, recording of

Pharmacist, authority to dispense and sell certain drugs, criteria

Pharmacist, dispensing emergency contraceptive pill, authorize refusal of

Pharmacy board advisory council, membership of

Pharmacy, repeal of reciprocity provision

Pharmacy technician criminal background check

Pharmacy techs, background check results sent to board by KSP, mandate

Physician assistant, certificate of death may be completed by

Physician assistants, supervising physician countersignature requirements for

Physician, licensure, specialty certification and maintenance testing prohibited

Physicians, Board of Medical Licensure composition

Physicians, prescribing emergency contraceptive pill, authorize refusal of

Pregnancy and related conditions, prohibited discrimination, required accommodations

Public assistance program fraud, benefits revocation

Recreational therapists, licensing requirements for

Residential and commercial building contractors, radon certification

Residential building contractors, radon certification

Roofing contractor, prohibited activities

School bus drivers, recognition of service to school children

Seasonal fireworks retailers, sales dates, expansion of

Social service workers, death in the line of duty benefits, eligibility for

Temporary elevator mechanic license, requirements for

Welders, safety requirements for structural steel welding

Welding by mechanical engineers, exclusion from structural steel welding

Welding by mechanical engineers, exclusion from structural steel welding, inspection requirements

Welding safety, clarify structural steel welding and inspection is done per the job specification

Workforce Oversight Task Force, addition of additional duties

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