Drugs and Medicines

Abuse-deterrent opioid analgesic drug product, substitution for

Angel Initiative Program, creation of

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, allow to investigate prescribing patterns

Cannabis, allowing physicians to recommend use of

Cannabis, regulation of

Citizen and taxpayer stewardship, benefits reform and infrastructure updates

Citizen and taxpayer stewardship, recommend benefits reform and infrastructure updates

Colon cancer, screening barriers, removal of

Controlled substances, classification and rescheduling of

Controlled substances monitoring

Controlled substances, monitoring and scheduling

Controlled substances, Schedule I, scheduling of

Dispensing of prescription drugs, requirements, establishment of

Drug conviction data, inclusion in KASPER electronic monitoring system

Exemption to 72-hour limit on prescribing Schedule II controlled substances, add

Fentanyl, analogues and derivatives related to

Fentanyl derivatives, Schedule I, inclusion in

Fentanyl or carfentanil, trafficking in any amount, increased penalty

Hepatitis C Task Force, establishment

Heroin trafficking, penalties relating to

Hold- harmless provision, physicians recommending cannabis

Immunizations administered to children, permit pharmacist

Imported, FDA approved, system for

Industrial hemp, extract, definition of

Industrial hemp, extracts, transportation of

Industrial hemp, tetrahydrocannabinol, increase threshold

Investigational drugs, biological products, or devices, use by terminal patients

Laetrile, manufacture and sale

Laetrile, repeal of statutes pertaining to

Lay caregiver, designation of

Live United Day, declaring February 16, 2017 as

Long-term care facilities, expand prescriptive authorities of doctors

Medical cannabis, authorization and regulation of

Medical gas wholesaler, licensure of

Medically necessary marijuana, definition and task force establishment

Medication-assisted treatment, establish licensure

Opioid antagonist, report filling of prescription to CHFS and KASPER

Opioid education, review

Opioid prescriptions, 3-day limit for

Opioid prescriptions, 7-day limit for

Opioids, tax imposed

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescription authority

Physician assistants, prescriptive authority of

Possession of controlled substance, Class A misdemeanor, mandatory drug treatment

Prescription narcotic drug, prescribing limits

Prescription opioid abuse prevention, require school instruction on

Prescriptive authority, advanced practice registered nurses

Pressure sores, treatment and prevention in health facilities

Public assistance, substance abuse screening

Reentry drug supervision pilot program, creation of

Repository program, establish

Substance use disorder, allow lower sentencing for a defendant

Tobacco cessation, health benefit coverage

Trafficking, heroin or fentanyl, make Class C felony

Trafficking in fentanyl or carfentanil, any amount, penalty increase

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