Fiscal Note

Abandoned building credit, creation of

Abortion services, payments from government to entity providing, prohibition of

Administrative provisions, amend various

Administrative regulations, death benefits, National Guard and Reserve members, promulgation of

Administrative regulations with major economic impact, establishment of delayed effective date

Adoption assistance, state employees

Adoption credit

Airport noise mitigation, income taxx credit for

Application for felony expungement, filing fee, reduction, waiver

Assisted outpatient treatment, court orders for

Auctioneers, application requirements for

Automated external defibrillators, training in use of

Aviation fuel, credit for tax paid, expand

Benefits for death in the line of duty, inclusion of emergency medical services personnel

Boxing and Wrestling Commission, creation and powers of

Circuit court clerk salary account, establishment of

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriate funds for

Coal incentive tax credit, reestablish

Coal miners, retraining and reemployment program

Commissioner of Revenue, powers to assist taxpayers

Comprehensive tax reform

Contracts, apprenticeship programs required in

Council on Postsecondary Education, supplemental appropriation

Court-ordered treatment, alcohol and other drug abuse

Credit, apparently wholesome food, creation of

Credit, conservation eastment contribution

Credit, new markets development program

Department of Revenue

Disability and death benefits for children, tuitition, conditions for payment

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement for

Education, Saving 529 plan and STABLE account deductions

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, employer, executive agency lobbyist, registration fee change

Family Court confirmation, Sixth Judicial Circuit, retroactive to April 8, 2016

Filing fee, application for felony expungement, reduce to $200

Film industry tax incentives, enhanced incentives, Appalachian counties

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Capital Plaza renewal, authorization for

Finance and Administration Cabinet, Executive Order 2016-602

Food donation tax credit, extension of

General Assembly and state agencies, no exemptions from general laws

Heroin trafficking, penalities relating to

Immunizations, requirements for postsecondary students

Income tax, department reference

Joint Funding Administration Task Force, creation of

Juror pay and expense allowance, increase

Juvenile Justice, Department of, guaranteed energy savings projects loans of, payemnts on

Juvenile Justice, Department of, guaranteed energy savings projects loans of, payments on

KEES scholarships, eligibility for registered apprenticeship programs

Kentucky affordable housing tax credit, creation of

Kentucky Business Investment program, expand

Kentucky Claims Commission, creation of

Kentucky Coal Fields Endowment Fund, creation of

Kentucky Communications Network Authority, create

Kentucky National Guard members, residency treatment for tuition purposes

Kentucky promise zone sellers, compensation, increase

Kentucky Retirement Systems, actuarial cost to employers ceasing participation

KRS 131.061

Labor Cabinet, reorganization of, Executive Order 2016-855

Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund, conservation officer inclusion under police officer

Local government economic assistance fund (LGEAF0), use of funds for road maintenance

Military pensions, income tax deduction for

Motor fuel tax, local revenue sharing formula, revisions

Motor vehicles, state and local tax rate reduction for vehicles owned by certain disabled veterans

Nursing home project, authorize bonds

Opiods, tax imposed

Police, fire department, and firefighter supplements

Prescription opioid abuse prevention, require school instruction on

Promise zone tax incentives

Promisse zone tax incentives

PUblic postsecondary comprehensive funding model, creation of

Real property occupational boards, membership and activities

Restaurants, sales and use tax, partial exemption

Retirement, appropriation to SPRS pension unfunded liability

Retirement, dependent health insurance subsidy for retired teachers

Retirement, election to discontinue or not participate in LRP or KERS for service to Gen. Assembly

Retirement, final compensation, definition

Retirement, survivor's benefits, marriage

Revenue and tax laws

Rural growth fund tax credit

Sales and use tax

Sales and use tax, bullion and currency, exempt, July 1, 2017

Sales and use tax, charitable gaming supplies and equipment, exempt

Sales and use tax, charity auctions, exempt

Sales and use tax, vendor compensation, increase, July 1, 2017

Sales tax, correction of spelling

Sales tax, technical correction

Scholarship tax credit, creation

Scholorship tax credit, creation

School district property tax levies, public hearing requirement

Social services workers, death-in-the-line-of-duty benefits, eligibility for

State minimum wage, increase

State-administered retirement systems, information disclosure if earn twice state per capita income

State/Executive Branch Budget, Department of Education, Public Health

Student loan benefits, individual income tax deduction

Tax credit, angel investor, modification

Tax credit, small business with an apprenticeship program

Tax increment financing, extension

Tax increment financing, mixed-use development, upper limit of investment, removal of

Tax revenues, increase distributions to local governments

Teacher preparation programs, inclusion of dyslexia in

Tuitiion savings program, allow income tax deduction for up to $4,000 in contributions

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, direction to economic development activities

Twenty-eight Judicial Circuit, entitlement to four judges

Unemployment tax credit, hiring of coal workers, expanded

Unmined coal reserves, exempt certain reserves from state and local tax

Various boards, commissions and other entities

Voluntary preceptor tax credit for Kentucky physicians, creation

Volunteer firefighters, income tax credit for

Workers' Compensation Nominating Committee, reorganization of, Executive Order 2016-319

Youthful offender proceedings, remove provisions regarding

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