ABC, exclusive wholesaler distributing rights, prohibition

Accessible parking licenses, issuance of

Alcohol sampling license, colleges and universities may hold for culinary programs

Alcoholic beverage law, subcommittee of Licensing, Occupations, and Regulations Committee to study

Alcoholic beverage sampling, educational programs without a license

Alcoholic beverages, supplemental transporter's license, creation of

Auctioneers, application requirements for

Barber schools, transfer of hours by

Board of EMS, Public Protection Cabinet, transfer to

Boxing and wrestling events, safety and licensure of participants in

Brewers and distributors licensed in Kentucky, changes to trade practices of

Brewers and distributors, refrigerated coolers not to be provided to licensed retailers by

Cannabis, regulation of

Certified home inspectors, home inspections by

Charitable gaming, organizations conducting limited games, exemption for

Child-care centers, radon inspection for

Cities within consolidated local governments, powers in relation to comprehensive plan

City and county regulatory license fee on alcoholic beverages sales, expansion of

Concealed carry deadly weapons, lifetime licenses for

Concealed carry, training for, handgun cleaning

Concealed carry weapons, training for, handgun cleaning

Cosmetologists, free services performed by

Cosmetologists, hours of education required for

Cosmetologists licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, ABC server training required for

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license

Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction, reorganization

Disabled combination hunting and fishing license, disabled and retired first responders, eligibility

Distilled spirits, sales of

Electrical contractor, license of deceased, continuation of

Estheticians, education hours required for

Extended hours supplemental license, major sporting venue, exception for

Fair credit loans, licensees, creation of

Funeral directors and embalmers, continuing education requirements for

Genetic counselors, licensing and regulation of

Handgun supplied to licensee, operator's license

Handgun supplied to licensee, professional licenses

Home inspectors, accepted standards of practice for

HVAC contractors, requirements for

HVAC journeyman's license, experience requirements of

HVAC master's license, experience requirements of

HVAD master's license, experience requirements of

Kentucky Auto and Truck Recyclers Licensing Advisory Board, abolishment of

Kentucky Board of Health Care Providers, abolishment of

Kentucky Board of Optometric Examiners, license renewal fee, establishment of

Licensure required, distribution of opioids

Malt beverage retail license, extension of credit to licensee by brewer or distributor

Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages, omnibus bill relating to licenses for

Marriage license, handgun supplied to each signatory

Master electrician's license, license of deceased, continuation of

Master HVAC contractor, extension of license when deceased

Master HVAC contractor license, experience requirements for

Master HVAC contractor, representing multiple firms

Master HVAC Licensees, license of deceased, continuation of

Master plumbers, extension of license when deceased

Master Plumber's license, license of deceased, continuation of

Medical gas wholesaler, licensure of

Medical gas wholesalers, requirements for

Medical imaging and radiation therapy, licensure by Board of Medical Licensure

Medical imaging and radiation therapy, licensure requirements of

Medical imaging and radiation therapy, out-of-state practioners, licensure requirements

Midwifery, certification of

Midwifery, licensing, board, and regulations for

Military service members and veterans, licensing and certification of

Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers, license fee

Networked national charitable organization, chapters and ssatellite offices of

Offender employment and licensure, requirements applying to

Optometrists, licensure and regulation of

Pastoral counselors, licensure requirements for

Pharmacy outsourcing facility, licensure of

Pharmacy technician criminal background check

Pharmacy third-party logistics provider, licensure of

Physical therapist licensure compact, state government sovereignty supersedes application of

Physical therapists, licensure compact to grant a multistate license to

Physician assistants, prescriptive authority, requirements for

Proprietary education commission, real estate brokers and appraisers, exemption for

Public Protection Cabinet, fantasy sports, establish requirements for

Public Protection Cabinet, fantasy sports, requirements for

Real estate appraisers board, proprietary education commission, exemption

Real estate commission, proprietary education commission, exemption from

Real property occupational boards, membership and activities of

Real property occupational boards, Real Estate Authority jurisdiction over

Real property occupational licensing boards, jurisdiction of Real Estate Authority over

Recreational therapists, licensing requirements for

Retail package licensees, outside advertising prohibited by

Retailers, advertising requirements for

Sale and sampling of alcoholic beverages, regulation and licensing of

Spas serving alcoholic beverages by the drink, services provided by licensed professionals at

Sport fishing license exemption, farmland owners, spouses, dependents, tenants, and guests

Sport fishing license exemption, private property owners, spouses, dependents, tenants, and guests

Third-party logistics providers, requirements for

Title insurance agents, provide for the licensing of

Transporter's license, prohibition against intercounty transport of alcoholic beverages without

Veteran license plates, length of service, conforming to federal designation of

Veteran license plates, National Guard or Reserve component, allowing eligibility of

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