Peace Officers and Law Enforcement

Angel Initiative Program, creation of

Annual supplement increase

Annual supplement increase, administrative expense and fringe benefits

Arrest-related deaths, coroner investigation

Assisted outpatient treatment, court orders for

Concealed carry, interference with right to, violation and fine

Controlled substances, classification and rescheduling of

Controlled substances monitoring

Controlled substances, monitoring and scheduling

Criminal attempt to commit murder of peace officer or firefighter, classification as violent offense

Death in the line of duty, increase of time in prison for

Disabled parking placards, hole-punch system, requirements for

Disabled parking placards, requirements for

DNA, sample collection at arraignment, requirement for

Driver's manual, Kentucky State Police to make available

Engine idling restrictions, exempt emergency and public safety vehicles

Ethics code, promulgation of

First responders, autism training requirement

Hate crime, offense against peace officer as a result of

Immigration laws, enforcement, requirement for

Inspection and animal control, Shelter Oversight and Pet Overpopulation task force

Insurance charges used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restrict

Insurance surcharge used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restrict adjustment of

Juvenile, age of criminal responsibility

Kentucky Law Enforcement Program Fund, conservation officers, addition of

Kentucky State Police employees, administrative provisions

Medical review panel process, waiver of

Mint Police, authority as state peace officers, limited grant of

Misdemeanor assault in hospital, warrantless arrest permitted for

Off duty and retired, firearms, concealed carry locations

Officer appointment, additional criteria, promulgation of

Operator's license testing, interactions with law enforcement, driver's manual to include

Operator's license testing, interactions with law enforcement, exam to include

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, emergency contact information registry

Pawnbrokers, transaction information, online access to

Police, disability and death benefits for children, tuition, conditions for payment

Police officer definition, conservation officer, addition of

Sexual assault against an animal, arrests for probable cause

Sheriff, inspections and reporting, certain public places

Supplemental payments to police

Technical correction

Training, equivalency standards for out-of-state service or training

Veterans Health Administration police, authority as state peace officers

Warrantless drone surveillance or use of armed drones by certain entities, prohibition

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