Attorney General

Autopsy images and recordings, access to

Broadband service provider, retention of records by

Broadband service providers, retention of records by

Campaign finance credits, candidate, eligible for

Contingency fee legal services contracts, requirements to award

Criminal Justice Counsel, reinstatement of membership

Date of drawing lots for ballot position, changes to

Duties, provide Govenor with notice of intent to appear, constitutionality

Duties, review

Duty to defend statutes

Duty to defend statutes and other legislation

Ethics disclosure, retirement fund investments, interest in

Extension of term by one year, 2019 election only

Human trafficking cases, allow concurrent jurisdiction

Incompatible offices in consolidated local governments, consultation

Reorganization, confirming Executive Order AG 16-01

Time of election, move to even-numbered years

Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies

Last updated: 1/16/2019 3:02 PM (EST)