Areas overlying underground coal mines, removal of permitting requirement

Carbon capture and storage, federal tax incentives for research and deployment

Coal incentive tax credit to promote increased use of Kentucky coal, reestablish

Coal-fired electric generating units, carbon emission allowances, Clean Air Act

Compliance assistance, urge US EPA to engage in

Dayton Power and Light, generating power stations, coal power

Hiring of coal workers, unemployment tax credit expanded

Intention to mine coal, public notice to include permitted area

Miners Protection Act, urge Congress to pass

Miners, retraining program and preference in state employment

Mining Board, dissolution of

Property tax on unmined coal reserves, exempt certain reserves from state and local tax

RECLAIM Act, urge Congress to pass

Severance tax revenues, increase distributions to local governments

Underground coal mines, general and electrical inspections, reduction in frequency

Underground coal mines, inspections, commissioner discretion to replace with safety analysis visits

Urge the Congress to lift restrictions on the coal industry

Last updated: 1/16/2019 3:02 PM (EST)