Motor Vehicles

Accessible parking permits, issuance of

Autocycles, provisions for highway operation

Bicycles overtaken on roadway, distance to maintain

Bicycles overtaken on roadway, distance to maintain, specific vehicle exceptions

Blue lights, on motor vehicles, prohibiting

Booster seat, replacement after vehicle collision

Child restraint system, replacement after vehicle collision

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, employment status of drivers

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, prohibit travel during inclement weather

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, prohibited items

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, reduce employee threshold

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, roadway operation of

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, vehicle equipment requirements

Deer and elk, automobile accidents, measures to reduce risk of

Disabled parking placards, hole-punch system, requirements for

Disabled parking placards, requirements for

Driver license photographs, eliminate restrictions on headdresses

Driving under the influence first offenses, procedures regarding

DUI, penalties imposed

DUI, penalties, imposition of

DUI, ten-year lookback, penalties imposed

Engine idling, exemption to allow

Engine idling restrictions, exempt emergency and public safety vehicles

Headlamps, requirements and restrictions

Headphones, use of while operating, prohibition

Ignition interlocks, use of

Illumination of blue lights on a motor vehicle, limited exemption for motorcycles

Illumination of blue lights on a motor vehicle, prohibition

Immigrants, application procedures for operator's license and personal IDs

Insurance requirement violation, threshold for

Insurance, uninsured motorist coverage, valid rejection of

Kentucky Auto and Truck Recyclers Licensing Advisory Board, abolishment of

Kentucky vehicle registration database, operator may be deaf or hard of hearing, indication in

Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, creation of

Mileage-based vehicle fee, Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, development of

Military surplus vehicle, requirement to be four wheeled, removal of

Military surplus vehicle, titling and registration of

Motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers, license fee

Motor vehicle dealers, disclosure of accident damage to motor vehicles prior to sale

Nondivisible load, definition

Operator's license application of a minor, persons authorized to sign

Operator's license, handgun provision

Operator's licenses and instruction permits, notification of expiration

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, application process

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, compliance with federal REAL ID Act

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, emergency contact information registry

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, form and content of identity documents

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, released federal prisoners and parolees

Operator's licenses and personal ID cards, voluntary compliance with federal standards

Operator's licenses, opioid overdose, effect on

Operator's licenses, work release prisoners

Personal ID cards for minors, no requirement for parental signature

Personal injury protection, replacement payments, required notation of

Plug-in electric vehicles, annual registration fee

Property damage by motor vehicles, minimum tort liability coverage, increase of

Property tax, vehicles owned by certain disabled veterans, rate reduction

Registration reinstatement fee, suspension due to no vehicle insurance

Salvage titles, process for obtaining

Shock probation, prohibition with DUI death

Solid waste collection service vehicles, yielding right-of-way to

Special license plate, Kentucky Fallen Firefighter Memorial plate

Special license plates, Gold Star Sons and Daughters

Speed limits, 65 MPH maximum on all four-lane state highways

Speed titles, time of issuance

Sport utility all-terrain vehicle, allow highway operation of

Ten percent weight tolerance, transportation of animal feed

Transportation Cabinet, promulgation of regulations regarding driver license testing

Vehicle accident reports, news-gathering organization, definition of

Vehicle lighting, remove auxiliary light restrictions

Vehicle lighting, remove light bar restrictions

Vehicle lighting, requirements and restrictions

Veteran license plates, length of service, conforming to federal designation of

Veteran license plates, National Guard or Reserve component, allowing eligibility of

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