Personnel and Employment

Apprenticeship, small business tax credit

Attorney, nonpartisan, require Legislative Research Commission to employ

Breastfeeding employees, reasonable accomodations

Business, living wage for

Classified initial hires, necessity for national background check, discretion of superintendent

Coal miners, retraining and reemployment program

Commercial delivery, alternative vehicles, employment status of drivers

Construction industry, misclassification of employees

County clerk certification, required travel

Duties of the secretary, investigate when there is a complaint

Education employment, background checks of child abuse and neglect records

Employers with only one employee, restriction on discussion of wage prohibited

Employment discrimination, requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

Executive ethics, agencies with jurisdiction, investigation of alleged violations

Franchises, no employment relationship between franchisee and franchisor

Kentucky Personnel Board, confirmation, Catherine Johstono Monteiro

Labor organization, mandatory membership or financial support prohibited, penalty

Labor organization, prohibition against deductions of membership dues without express consent

Minimum wage for tipped employees, increasing

Minimum wage, local governmental the authority to set

Officer in KSP, promotion and salary increase, effective date of

Omnibus amendments to the wage and hours laws

Overtime, exemptions for administrative, executive, supervisory and professional employees

Paid maternity leave for employees, employers with fifty or more employees

Payroll card account, use for wages

Personnel Board, confirmation, Beverly Hutcheson Griffith

Personnel Board, confirmation, Mark O. Haines

Personnel Board, confirmation, William Joseph Byrley

Personnel Steering Committee, abolishment of

Political funds and activities and annual written authorization, delete provisions relating to

Pregnancy and related conditions, prohibited discrimination, required accommodations

Protection of wages, labor organization and political actitivities

Public employment offices, locations mandated

Remove requirement for annual written authorization for withholding of wages

Salary requirement for new businesses

School employees, relatives as substitutes for certified or classified personnel

Social service workers, death-in-the-line-of-duty benefits, eligibility for

State minimum wage, increase

Unemployment benefits, military spouses whose families are relocated

Unemployment insurance for seasonal/on recall employees

Unemployment insurance, successor employer and surcharge and interest

Unemployment Insurance, Successor employer, surcharge, and disclosure

Unemployment insurance, successor employers

Wage discrimination, prohibited on basis of sex, race, or national origin

Wages, definition

Workers' compensation, exclusion for caretakers for churches and certain ministers

Workers' compensation, exemption for agricultural employers and employees, removal of

Workers' compensation, exemption for domestic servant employees, removal of

Workers' compensation, medical expenses and procedural changes

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