Secretary of State

Absentee ballots, in-person and mail-in

Absentee ballots, process for

Absentee voting, mail-in and in-person, persons with disabilities, process for

Absentee voting, mail-in, disabled and qualified voters, restoration of time for request

Absentee voting, mail-in, medical emergency, process for guardians

Board of Elections, presidential office candidate's tax return compliance form

Campaign finance credit, candidate, eligible for

Casino gaming, constitutional amendment for

Constitution of Kentucky, proposal to call convention for purpose of revising or amending

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, budget special session, compensation suspended

Convention, application call for, to send to certain officials

Copies of application for an Article V, to be sent to certain persons

County clerk, consolidated local government, internet publication of ballot, permit

Date of drawing lots for ballot position, changes to

Deadline for certain candidate filing, first Tuesday following the first Monday in January

Deadline for certain candidates filings, changes to

Deadline for filing petition for nomination, judges, first Tuesday following first Monday in January

Elections, electronic voter registration and absentee voting process, changes to

Elections, State Board of Elections, computerized map of precinct boundaries

Emergency voting situation, process for

Ethics disclosure, retirement fund investments, interest in

Extension of term by one year, 2019 election only

General Assembly, terms of members, access to election ballots, limitation on

Legislative Advisory Reapportionment, Redistricting Commission, establishment of, ballot candidates

Local option petition requirements, petitioner requirements, filing date, election date change

Local option question on ballot during primary or regular election, permitted to include

Mail-in absentee ballots, use by persons with medical conditions

Medication-assisted treatment programs, require registration

Notaries public, examination of required

Notaries public, require examination of

Pilot program, permission to create, for notaries

President of the United States, candidates for, exclusion from ballot for failure to file tax return

Public benefit corporations, establishment

Registry of Election Finance, voter registration lists, access to

Reorganization, Secretary of State's office, Executive Order 2016-01

Secretary of State's office, reorganization, Executive Order 2015-01

Time of election, move to even-numbered years

Veteran-owned businesses, fees applying to

Voter registration, timely submission

Voting machines, straight-party option, removal of

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