Abortion, prohibition

Abortion services, establishment of payment restrictions and priorities

Abortion services, payments from government to entity providing, prohibition of

Address confidentiality program, expansion of

Address confidentiality protection program, expansion of

Adoption services, Department for Community Based Services

Breastfeeding employees, reasonable accomodations

Breast-feeding locations, penalty for restrictions or interference, establish

Candidates, brain ultrasound required for

Candidates, filing deadline, 24 hour waiting period required

Certified professional midwife, certification and regulations for

Domestic and dating violence, reporting

Employment, pregnancy and related conditions, prohibited discrimination, required accommodations

Family planning services, establishment of payment restrictions and priorities

Foreign law, application of, protection of rights

Insurance premiums, discrimination prohibited

Midwifery, licensing, board, and regulations for

National Human Trafficking Resource Center telephone hotline number, display of

Paid maternity leave for employees, employers with fifty or more employees

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

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