Children and Minors

Abandoned newborn infant, establish location signage

Abortion, constitutional amendment, no right created

Abortion, dismemberment, prohibition of

Abortion, Down syndrome, prohibition of

Abortion, prohibition of

Abuse and exploitation, prevention of

Adoption forms, electronically accessible, providing for

Adoption, relative caregiver, rights of indigent parents

Age of consent, offenders 10 years older than victims prohibited

All-terrain vehicle, operation of

Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Awareness Day, designating June 30 as

ASVAB, school counseling based on results and included in individualized learning plans

ASVAB, schools to offer test, grades 10 to 12

Bicycle helmet requirements, no fines for violation

Bicycle helmets, requirement for children under 12

Blueprint for Kentucky's Children, honoring

Boarding schools and church boarding schools, definition of

Cesarean delivery, need to lower rate of

Child abuse offender registry, establishment of

Child care centers, fees

Child custody, joint custody and shared parenting, create presumption of

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse, requirement to report

Child pornography, trial exhibits, storage by a court

Child screening, recommending

Child support table, amounts, update to

Child-caring facilities, exclude boarding schools and church boarding schools

Childhood cancer caucus, establish

Children ages three through five, evaluation for special education services

Children's Health Insurance Program, urging reauthorization of

Class of eligible persons, instruction in voting, secondary education

Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs, rename

Commitment, after reaching the age of seventeen and a half

Compulsory school attendance, boarding schools and church boarding schools, exception for

Corporal physical discipline, use of prohibited

De facto custodian rights process, updated

Division of Child Care, establish in a new executive cabinet

Driving privileges, persons under 18, suspension of for points assessed

Drug awareness and prevention, students to receive instruction in

Early periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment, requiring

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Kentucky observance

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Kentucky observance of

Education, compulsory attendance

Education, homeschool student portfolio, annual review to determine student growth

Emergency placement of children, criminal history record checks for

Excused school absences, up to four days when consulting with military recruiters

FAIR teams, change participation of regional interagency council members

Family child-care homes, age groups, staff-to-child ratios

Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, urge exemption from budget cuts

Female genital mutilation, Class A felony, requirement to report

Female genital mutilation, establish as Class A felony, requirement to report

Filing complaint for first offense misdemeanor, prohibition against, exception

Foster care and adoption, new requirements established

Foster children, educational stability upon placement in new school district

Four-year-old children, evaluation for special education services

FRYSC funding, urge exemption from budget cuts

Grandparents, visitation rights as to grandchildren

Health care coverage, child support enforcement

Hepatitis C, child screening, recommending

Hepatitis C, pregnant woman screening, requiring

Holocaust, receiving instruction on

Home school eligibility, habitual truant, requires approval of the Kentucky Department of Education

Hotels that are signatories of the Tourism Child-Protection Code, recognizing and encouraging use of

Human trafficking notice, require display of

Individual income tax, adoption credit

Joint custody, presumption of, not applicable in cases involving domestic violence order

Kentucky CASA network fund, creation of

Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service, renaming of

Kinship care program, permanent establishment

Kinship care program, permanently establish

Local school boards, human sexuality education to be taught

Local schools, human sexuality education to be taught

Marriage, minimum age, raising, petitioning process

Medical marijuana program, establishment

Mental health screenings, require for school enrollment

Newborn safety device, establishing

Opioid use, stewardship of dentists and oral surgeons, recognition of

Overnight school activities, student sleeping quarters, use by single sex, restricting to

Parental permission,17-year-old to marry, requirement for

Parents or prospective parents with blindness, rights established

Persons eligible for, voter preregistration, minimum age of 16

Pregnancy help centers, honoring

Pregnant woman screening, requiring

Probation, extension to the completion of treatment, allowance for

Public assistance eligibility, enhanced data tracking for

Public playgrounds, accessible and inclusive design

Public school restrooms and changing facilities, reasonable accommodation, requiring

Public school restrooms, use by single sex, restricting to

Putative father registry, creation of

Reorganization, Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, Dept. of Juvenile Justice, EO 2017-599

Restitution, juvenile cases, use best interests standard

School Bus Driver Day, designatiing May 1 as

School Bus Driver Day, designating May 1 as

School Safety and Crisis Line, establishing

School Safety and Crisis Line, establishment of

School seizure action plan, requiring

Sex education, instructional content

Sex trafficking, advertising of, advocate for change in federal law

Sexual abuse awareness and protection

Special education programs, students to receive appropriate education, funding to be withheld

State Advisory Council for Exceptional Children, revise membership of

State agency children, definition of

State Interagency Council, change membership

Student-athletes, athlete agents contracting with

Students with disabilities, Kentucky Peer Support Network Project, statewide implementation of

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition of

Vision examinations, grade six enrollment requirements

Vision examinations, kindergarten enrollment requirements

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