Drugs and Medicines

Advanced practice registered nurses, prescriptive authority

Cannabidiol, permit recommendation

Community pharmacy medication-assisted treatment pilot program, establish

Controlled substances disposal compositions, sale or distribution of, requirement for

Controlled substances, employer investigations

Controlled substances, end-of-life disposal

Controlled substances, hospice programs, disposal by

Controlled substances, physician assistants to prescribe, authority for

Controlled substances, theft, by caregiver

Crime, treatment for drug-related offenses, encouraging diversion to

Data reporting, pharmacy pick-up

Drug abuse prevention instruction, require for charter schools

Drug abuse prevention instruction, requirement for charter schools

Drug abuse prevention, require school instruction on

Exploitation, adults, controlled substances

Hospice, disposal of controlled substances

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for traumatic brain injury, use by veterans

Infertility drugs, insurance coverage, requirement of

KASPER, data-sharing agreements, authorizing smaller jurisdictions

Kentucky addiction prevention, recovery, and enforcement fund, direct litigation revenues

Managed care networks, credentialing, network adequacy, appeals

Medicaid service improvements and MCO limitations, establish

Medical cannabis program, establish

Medical cannabis program, establishment

Medical marijuana, advocate for safety and efficacy standards

Medical marijuana program, establishment

Medicare, pharmaceutical drug prices, negotiating

Opiate and opioid agonist drugs, advertising of, prohibiting

Opioid overdose, assessment detention following

Opioid overdose, immediate detention and treatment following

Opioid use, stewardship of dentists and oral surgeons, recognition of

Opioids, tax imposed

Outpatient pharmacy benefits, direct administration by Department for Medicaid Services

Pharmacy benefit managers, transparency requirements for

Possession of controlled substance, Class A misdemeanor, mandatory drug treatment

Prescribing authority, advanced practice registered nurses, controlled substances

Prescription to terminate pregnancy, physician report

Public assistance, substance abuse screening

Responsible use cannabis program, establishment

Substance use disorder in aging populations, encouraging study of

Substance use disorder, licensure and quality standards for treatment and recovery services

Substance use disorder treatment and recovery services, mothers and children, grant program

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