Budget and Financial Administration

Abandoned property fund, expenses allowed

Biennial Highway Construction Plan, FY 2018-2020

Bonds and leases, conform dates methods for publication

Branch budget bills, technical corrections

Branch budget recommendations, technical correction

Budget forms, technical correction

Budget unit requests, technical correction

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriating funds for

Constitutional amendment, General Assembly, budget special session, compensation suspended

Conversion therapy, prohibit of public funding of

Dealer's records, technical corrections

Department of Revenue, technical corrections

Emergency revolving school loan fund account, appropriation

Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, urge exemption from budget cuts

Formula for distribution to Area Development Districts, establish

FRYSC funding, urge exemption from budget cuts

Judicial Branch Budget

Legislative Branch Budget

Model Procurement Code, enforcement by state agencies

Murray State University, capital project

Postsecondary Asset Preservation Pool, provisions for

Public-private partnership, certain capital projects, General Assembly approval not required

Revenue measures

Revenue measures, modification of

Roll call vote, requirement for

Rural growth fund tax credit

Rural secondary roads, earmarked portion of gas tax

Six year road plan, last four years of

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendment of

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, cost limitation, increase of

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, increase cost limitation

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, increase project number limitation

Transportation Cabinet, design/build projects, project number limitation, increase of

TVA in-lieu-of-tax payments, transfer of state general fund portion to local entities

TVA regional development agency assistance fund, creation of

United States Constitution, Article V convention on restraining federal government, call for

University of Louisville, capital project

Volkswagen settlement fund, creation of

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