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Title AN ACT relating to the funding of transportation, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency.
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Bill Request Number 1449
Sponsors S. Santoro, J. Sims Jr, M. Castlen, J. DeCesare, R. Heath, D. Mayfield, C. McCoy, R. Meyer, J. Richards, R. Rothenburger, B. Rowland, D. St. Onge, K. Upchurch, S. Wells, S. Westrom
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 138.210 to set the average wholesale floor price at $2.90; amend KRS 138.220 to increase the supplemental tax on gasoline and special fuels by increasing the existing rate from five cents per gallon (cpg) on gasoline and two cpg on special fuels to eight and a half cpg for both and setting that as the minimum rate; subject the supplemental tax to annual adjustment; require annual notification to motor fuel dealers of the adjusted rate of supplemental tax for each upcoming fiscal year and annual notification to county clerks of the level of registration fees for electric and hybrid vehicles; create a new section of KRS Chapter 138 to provide a mechanism for annual adjustment of the supplemental motor fuel tax based on changes in the National Highway Construction Cost Index; allow the supplemental tax to increase or decrease no more than 10 percent from one year to the next, subject to the statutory minimum; create a new section of KRS Chapter 186 to establish a base fee for hybrid vehicles, hybrid electric plug-in vehicles, and nonhybrid electric vehicles; require the fee to be adjusted with any increase or decrease in the gasoline tax established in KRS 138.228 and Section 3 of the Act; require collection of the fee at the time of motor vehicle registration; require that all fees collected under this section be transferred to the road fund; amend KRS 186.010 to define the terms "hybrid vehicle," "hybrid electric plug-in vehicle," and "nonhybrid electric vehicle"; amend KRS 186.018 at increase the fee for a driving history record from three dollars to six dollars; amend KRS 186.040 to eliminate the $30 county clerk fee for motor carrier registrations on vehicles in excess of 44,000 pounds; amend KRS 186.050 to increase to state fee for motor vehicle registrations from $11.50 to $22; reference the fees for electric and hybrid vehicles collected under this Act; provide for the $10 late charge for vehicle registrations not renewed within 30 days of expiration; make technical correction; amend KRS 186.162 and 186.240 to conform; amend KRS 186.440, 186.450, and 186.531 to consolidate fees for driver license reinstatement, set reinstatement fee at $100, provide for distribution of funds, and provide for exceptions; amend KRS 281A.150 to increase reinstatement fees for suspended CDLs from $50 to $250; amend KRS 186A.130 and 186A.245 to set the fee for an initial title at $25 and the fee for a duplicate or replacement title at $10 and adjust the distribution of fees between the Cabinet and the county clerk; amend KRS 189.574 to increase to fee for state traffic school from $15 to $50; amend KRS 189.270 to increase fees for various overweight and overdimensional permits; create a new section of KRS Chapter 174 to create the multimodal transportation fund, specify allowable uses for moneys in the fund and appropriate funds for those purposes; EMERGENCY; Sections 1 to 3 of the Act are EFFECTIVE 7/1/18; Sections 4, 5, and 7 to 14 of the Act are EFFECTIVE January 1, 2019; APPROPRIATION.
Index Headings of Original Version Fiscal Note - Highway funding, omnibus revisions
Appropriations - Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee
Appropriations - Multimodal transportation fund, establishment of
County Clerks - Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee
Effective Dates, Delayed - Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee, various registration fees, January 1, 2019
Effective Dates, Emergency - Motor fuel tax adjustments, effective January 1, 2018
Fees - Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee
Highways, Streets, and Bridges - Highway funding, omnibus revisions
Motor Vehicles - Hybrid and electric vehicles, highway usage fee
Motor Vehicles - Title and registration fees, driver license reinstatement fees, various other fees, increases in
Taxation - Fuel taxes, average wholesale price definition, adjustments to
Taxation - Mileage-based vehicle fee, Mileage-Based Transportation Funding Task Force, development of
Transportation - Highway funding, omnibus revisions
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Amendment House Floor Amendment 1
Sponsor K. Imes
Summary Exempt an additional two cents per gallon of the motor fuels tax from revenue sharing with local governments and the rural secondary road program; dedicate this amount to rural secondary roads; clarify that the amount is in addition to the 22.2% of fuel taxes that are already dedicated to rural and secondary roads.
Index Headings Appropriations - Rural secondary roads, earmarked portion of gas tax
Budget and Financial Administration - Rural secondary roads, earmarked portion of gas tax
Highways, Streets, and Bridges - Rural secondary roads, earmarked portion of gas tax
Transportation - Rural secondary roads, earmarked portion of gas tax

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