Appellate judges, appointment of

Boards and commissions, power to appoint to

Comments concerning teachers, condemning

Committee on Kentucky Historical Memorials, appointments to

Committee on Kentucky Monument Protection, appointments to

Contracts for legal services, approval process

County consolidation, appointment necessary to

Day of prayer for students, proclamation of

Election, change time to even-numbered years

Elections of governing bodies of certain districts, filling of vacancies

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, members of, appointment of

Executive Order 2017-269, confirmation

Felony expungement, reckless homicide, partial pardons

Filing deadline for candidates seeking public office, changes to

Gender-neutral language, addition of

Governor designee, Department of Agriculture, commissioner, waiver of ASTM standards, motor fuels

National Guard armories, as warming centers, request the opening of

Occupational board members, appointment of

Palliative care, council and program, establishing

Palliative care, council and program, establishment

Prices during a state of emergency, gubernatorial declaration, restrictions of

Public assets and programs, naming, restrictions on

Replace Governor Designee with Commissioner of Agriculture or Secretary of EEC

School board members, selection of

State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, removal for cause

State of Emergency, emergency funds, water crisis, Martin County

State/Executive Branch Budget

Tax collection contract, bonus payment structure, prohibition of

Time of election, move to even-numbered years

Time of election, move to even-numbered years, begin 2022

Transportation Cabinet Budget

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