Health and Medical Services

Abandoned newborn infant, establish location signage

Abortion, 24 hour information period, elimination of

Abortion, dismemberment, prohibition of

Abortion, Down syndrome, prohibition of

Abortion, physician present in same room, performance of

Abortion, prohibition of

Abortion, ultrasound requirements

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Day, February 7, 2018

Cannabidiol, permit recommendation

Certificate of need, elimination of

Certificate of need, outpatient facilities, exempting

Cesarean delivery, need to lower rate of

Children's Health Insurance Program, urging reauthorization of

Chiropractic profession, recognize and honor

Chiropractors, recognizing

Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs, rename

Community pharmacy medication-assisted treatment pilot program, establish

Contact lenses and visual aid glasses, prescribing and dispensing

Contact lenses, prescribing and dispensing

Controlled substances, employer investigations

Controlled substances, end-of-life disposal

Controlled substances, physician assistants to prescribe, authority for

County tobacco cessation, establish fund for

Coverage for standard fertility preservation services, providing for

Coverage for standard fertility preservation services, provision for

Coverage for standard fertility preservation services, provision of

Data collection, new requirements, establishing

Data reporting, pharmacy pick-up

District health departments, target funding

Do not resuscitate orders, hospital setting, implementing

Early periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment, requiring

Eligible veterans, hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Emergency air ambulance service, billing dispute resolution program, establishment of

Emergency health care services, insurance coverage, requiring

Emergency medical services, update certification and licensure

Fee disclosure posting by ambulance providers, require

Fees and expenses, medical review panel, payment of

Gender neutral language, including

Health benefit plan, definition, reformatting of

Health care coverage, child support enforcement

Health facility, amending definition

Health insurance, autism coverage, requirement of

Hearing Awareness Day, recommending regular visits to healthcare professionals

Hepatitis C, pregnant woman screening, requiring

Hepatitis C screening testing, require referral

Hospice programs, controlled substances, disposal of

Income tax credit for voluntary preceptors, creation

Income tax credit for voluntary preceptors, creation of

Infertility treatment, insurance coverage, requirement of

Interstate medical licensure compact, enacting

KASPER, data-sharing agreements, authorizing smaller jurisdictions

Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service, renaming of

Kentucky Health Facilities and Health Services Certificate of Need and Licensure Board, rename

Kidney dialysis drugs and devices for treatment, allowing for

Legalized abortions, Roe v. Wade, memorialization of

Local school boards, human sexuality education

Local school disricts, human sexuality education

Long-term-care staffing ratios, implementation of

Managed care networks, credentialing, network adequacy, appeals

Medicaid and KCHIP, premiums and copayments allowed

Medicaid, external reviews, multiple claims, administrative hearing, allow for

Medicaid, external reviews, multiple claims, allow for

Medicaid service improvements and MCO limitations, establish

Medicaid tobacco-related illness reimbursement, establish fund for

Medical and nursing schools, refering to state legislators

Medical cannabis program, establish

Medical cannabis program, establishment

Medical expense, motor vehicle insurance, reparation benefits, billed charges, restriction of

Medical malpractice actions, filing requirements and limit attorney fees

Medical malpractice actions, statements of compassion, inadmissibility of

Medical marijuana, advocate for safety and efficacy standards

Medical marijuana program, establishment

Medical records, amount of fee for reproduction

Medical review organizations, confidentiality of information on staff with privileges

Medically fragile individuals with neurological behavioral disorders, service expansions for

Meningococcal vaccination, encourging the use of

Midwifery, certification and administrative regulations for

Midwifery, certification and regulations for

Newborn safety device, establishing

Nonparticipating health care providers, billing restrictions for

Opioid overdose, assessment detention following

Opioid overdose, immediate detention and treatment following

Opioid use, stewardship of dentists and oral surgeons, recognition of

Opioids, tax imposed

Outpatient pharmacy benefits, direct administration by Department for Medicaid Services

Palliative care, council and program, establishing

Palliative care, council and program, establishment

Perinatal palliative care and neonatal palliative and hospice care, recognize importance of

Perinatal palliative care and neonatal palliative and hospice care, recognizing importance of

Pharmacy benefit managers, transparency requirements for

Postmortem examination results, requirement for release

Pregnant woman screening, requiring

Prescription to terminate pregnancy, physician report

Public assistance eligibility, enhanced data tracking for

Public assistance, substance abuse screening

Rare disease advisory council, establish

Rare disease advisory council, establishing

Self-Care Month, February 2018, recognizing

Smoking cessation treatment and programs, eliminate from scope of care covered by Medicaid

Smoking cessation treatment and programs, Medicaid coverage, elimination of

State Sickle Cell Registry, establishment of a

Substance use disorder in aging populations, encouraging study of

Substance use disorder, licensure and quality standards for treatment and recovery services

Substance use disorder treatment and recovery services, mothers and children, grant program

Technical Advisory Committee on Consumer Rights and Client Needs, delete

Telehealth, requiring coverage of

Telephone CPR, telecommunicators, training for

Tobacco use in schools and on school property, prohibition

Transitional care facitilies, limit pilot applications

Vaccines, encouraging the use of

Veterans' caregiver benefits, expansion of, petition for

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