Labor and Industry

Active military and veterans, professional licenses, issuance of

Amusement and recreational employees exclusion from overtime requirements

Amusement and recreational employees, exclusion from overtime requirements

Amusement and recreational employees, exempt from wages and hours consistent with federal law

Apprenticeship, small business tax credit

Baseball players, exemption relating to wages and hours

Call center relocations to a foreign country, notice to Labor Cabinet

Claims for unlawful employment action, previous final order, preclusion of

Crime victims leave from employment

Criminal history background checks, prior to offer of employment, prohibition

Develop training for heavy equipment operators and commercial drivers' licenses

Earned paid sick leave provided by employers, requirement for

Employers, exempt from state discrimination laws when covered by similar federal laws

Employers, pregnancy and related conditions, discrimination prohibited

Employers, pregnancy and related conditions, prohibiting discrimination

Employers with only one employee, restriction on discussion of wage, prohibiting

Employment discrimination, personal liability for employees, prohibiting

Employment discrimination, requirement of criminal history on job applications, prohibition

Employment protection for National Guard members, clarification of

Exemption, minor league baseball players

Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, gender neutral language

Labor Cabinet, reorganization of, Executive Orders 2017-745, 2017-746, and 2017-855

Labor Cabinet, secretary may suspend or delay the enforcement of regulations in certain situations

Labor, Education and Workforce Development, and Economic Development Cabinets, assistance of

Labor organizations, remove limitations on membership

Occupational Safety and Health Board, abolition and transfer of powers to Labor Cabinet secretary

Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, repeal of

Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, retain

OSH regulations, suspend or delay based on federal actions

Overtime exemption for minor league baseball players

Paid maternity leave for employees, employers with fifty or more employees

Prevailing wage, create for public works

Public works projects, contracts, guidelines for awarding

Schedules for employees

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Sexual orientation and gender identity, prohibition of discrimination

State minimum wage, increase

State minimum wage, increasing

State/Executive Branch Budget

Statute of limitations for discrimination actions under KRS Chapter 344

Statute of limitations of 1 year for discrimination actions under KRS Chapter 344

Statute of limitations of 300 days for discrimination actions under KRS Chapter 344

Technical amendment, gender neutrality

Technical corrections

Unemployment compensation, amount and duration of weekly benefits

Unemployment compensation, change benefits and technology for division

Unemployment compensation, waiting week, elimination of

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment insurance, benefits, rates, and successorships

Unemployment insurance for seasonal/on recall employees

Unlawful employment practice, inquire about previous salary

Wage and hour, conform with federal law

Wage discrimination, on basis of sex, race, or national origin, prohibiting

Wages and Hours actions, two year limitation and no jurisdiction for the cabinet

Welding by mechanical engineers, exclusions from structural steel welding

Workers' compensation, changes to income and medical benefits

Workers' compensation coverage for rescue squad members

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, employees in non-classified service

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, five years for an audit and invest in securities

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission, omnibus provisions

Workers' compensation, income benefits, termination and continuation

Workers' compensation, medical and income benefits and procedural changes

Workers' Compensation, omnibus provisions

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

Workers' compensation special fund, performance bond for wages, repealing

Wrongful discharge

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