Reports Mandated

Angel investor tax credit, annual reports

Annual report, audit of Kentucky Access

Annual report, retail electric suppliers, reliable energy sold in Kentucky

Biennial implementation plan, retail electric suppliers, compliance with reliability standard

Commission on Children with Special Health Needs, report upon request

Commissioner of education, certification of compliance with notice requirements

Commissioner of education, results of school safety survey

Department of Education, emergency revolving school loan fund account report

Dispensing of prescription drugs under Medicaid, upon request to Governor and LRC

Dyslexia trust fund, Department of Education to report

Family in Recovery Empowerment Public and Private Partnership Grant Program, annual

Family in Recovery Empowerment Public and Private Partnership Grant Programl, annual

Farms to Foodbanks Advisory Committee, annual expenditure plan update, requirement removed

Highly skilled employee tax credit, creation of, Department of Revenue report

Immediate detention following opioid overdose, annual report to Legislative Research Commission

Investment fund tax credit, annual reports

Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Peer Support Network Project funding, annual report

Legislative ethics telephone tip line, complaints recieved

Legislative Research Commission, sexual harassment, task force report

Legislative Tax Incentive Review Committee, establish, annual reports

Medically fragile individuals with neurological behavioral disorders, establishing task force

Occupational licensing regulations, agency review of

Prescription drugs, dispensing under Medicaid, upon request to Governor and LRC

Rare disease advisory council, establish

Rare disease advisory council, establishing

Rural growth fund tax credit, annual reports

Scholarship tax credit

Substance use disorder, licensure and quality standards for treatment and recovery services

Work program for public assistance recipients, upon request

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, annual report, requirement for

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